Why Is Life So Hard

Sometimes we asked ourselves – Why is life so hard?  Right from the beginning when we were little, we had to study hard in school, college and university.  After that we struggle to find a job; looking for a job is the hardest thing in the world. I felt like I am a beggar when going for a job interview; I begged – please hire me! 


Even though we work hard every day, but couldn’t make enough money to buy a house.  We could hardly afford to go on holiday.  It will be even harder when we have kids.  We need to pay for their food, school fees, books, activities, etc.  Life is just hard work.  Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Is there a better and easier way?

I am going to show you a very funny video and I am sure you will enjoy it.  It will give you something to think about.

What do you think about this video? Is it very funny?

It certainly challenges our normal thinking.  It shows us, going to school, getting a good job isn’t the only way to make money.  And certainly is not the only way to live.

I have never questioned how I live and I accepted it as a norm.  Because my mum, dad and everyone I had seen lives their lives in the same way.  It is what city living is all about.  If I can make a choice when I was young, I would choose to live like him.  Simple, easy and no stress.


Can we do what he does?

It depends on which country you live in and also what you want with your life.  He is lucky to live in rural Thailand and have a piece of farmland.

It is just not possible for me in the country I live, or most western countries.  The reasons are:

  • Land is not free.  I need a lot of money to buy a piece of land.
  • I cannot build a house without applying for a permit, it costs money.
  • There are only a few months in a year I can grow vegetable and rice.  So the land will not be able to support my family. Unlike Thailand, you can grow anything all through the year.  Beside, I still need to learn how to do it.
  • Building materials are expensive, I don’t have the materials or the knowledge to make bricks

If I really want to do it, I have to move far away from the city.  Maybe I could buy a piece of land cheap.  But then, I will not be able to see my friends, my lifestyle will be changed totally.

Although I cannot do what he does.  There are lessons to learn.  If we can change our thinking, our life could be easier.  We would be able to work less hours and have more time to do what we want.

Below I will show you another video, which is the answer for people living in the city.  You don’t need to know how to grow vegetable and you don’t need to know how to build houses.  I highly recommend you to watch it.

We should all become minimalists. Don’t live a wasteful lifestyle.

We all have brought things that we had never used.  Things which are absolutely useless.

The money you wasted are the time that you had lost.  For example, if you spend $100 and brought something you don’t need and your hourly salary is $50 per hour.  You have lost two hours of your life.  So if you don’t need so much money to live on, you can get a part-time job instead of full-time.

You can invest the time in your relationship or use the time to study and improve yourself.

There are plenty of benefits to be a minimalist.  You can visit The Minimalists Website and take a 21 days journey to become a minimalist.

Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism

Here are some books that you might like to read and learn more about minimalism.

Instead of enriching ourselves with material, enrich our mind with knowledge.  Happiness is not about money.  If it needs money to make you happy, you are doing it wrong.

“If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness.  Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements.” – Dalai Lama.

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