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Welcome to Stories of MisterWailor!  I hope you enjoy reading my stories as I enjoy writing them.  Everyone loves a good story for it could take you to places where it could only exist in your imagination.  It could stretch your mind or gives you knowledge.  It could make you happy or it could make you sad.

Have you ever wonder what life is all about?

I have!  Numerous times!  I have done a lot of thinking.

The reason I created this blog is to share with my readers what I have learned over the years.  I will tell you my opinion of “what is the meaning life?” I will gradually post it on this website.

On the other hand, I want you to tell me your opinions too.  I want to bring together a community of like-minded people.  People who have already find life’s purpose, but also those who are lost in the jungle of confusion.  We would share our knowledge, opinions, ideas of various topics, including the meaning of life, what is love, what is pain and through sharing we might learn something.

We might learn how to find purpose, how to love, how to live life, how to be yourself, etc…

I also want you to tell me your situation, your struggle, and your aspiration.

Are you in a difficult situation?  Are you going through pain?

While sharing it with our readers, you could lessen your burden.  You could find friends and acquaintances who might be in the same situation as you are.

Also, I like to listen to your happy stories too.  What have you done lately that you are proud of?  Maybe a joke or two, it could really lighten up our day.

So, leave us a note, give us your story…

Leave me a comment.

Everyone is welcome.  Let us build a community of like-minded people and we support each other along the way.

I am looking forward to hear from you.


11 thoughts on “Stories of MisterWailor

  1. You are a masterful storyteller! Your stories are entertaining and I especially like the ones with a feel-good “kicker” to them. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to following your blog.

    • Hi Dee,

      Thanks for your nice comment. I look forward to your coming back to read my stories. Please let me know if there is anything I could improve on. You know
      there is no perfection, but I would like to make my website better every single day.


  2. Mr. Wailor, I could spend hours on your website reading everything. It is so interesting and I like the way you delve into the most intriguing topics such as the coexistence of good and evil and human behavior.
    I think your scrapbook will be something to be cherished for all those that follow. I wish one of my ancestors had done something like the scrapbook that you are planning. Thank you for all your words of wisdom.

    • Hi Debbi,

      Thanks for your nice comment. I am glad that you enjoy my articles. Yes, like I said in my article, I am planning to make a scrapbook like that to pass on to my children. I wish you have a bright day ahead.

  3. Mr Wailor.

    It was very interesting reading stories on your website. You are quite a good story teller. I do like your site a lot, for one can derive so much wisdom and reflection just by reading these powerful stories.

    You are doing a good job for the community.


    • Hi Tichaona,
      Thanks you for visiting my website and leaving me such a nice comment. Your words energized me to keep writing.
      I wish you have a bright day ahead.


  4. This is a difficult topic. I found that trying to resolve someone’s problem usually leads to more problem. But making someone laugh, helping them develop in an earthly way or just a smile is worth more than anything. I surely cannot resolve anyone’s sufferings but we can collaborate and grow. We can do all noble things instead of polluting the world with bad words and ideas. My idea of a blog was precisely this.
    I hope that resolving life misters will do precisely this to your readers. Help them smile by realizing why’s life.
    Best wishes

    • Thanks for your comment. My intention is not to resolve someone’s problem. I just want them to tell me their problem, by doing that they will feel better.
      I am not sure why you said, “polluting the world with bad words and ideas?” Can you be more specific?
      To have improvement, you first need to know where the problem lies.
      There are lots of materials on the Internet that will give people a laugh, like YouTube.
      My blog is about learning and growing, in a intellectual way. To know what is right and wrong.

  5. Interesting…Your site is about “The Meaning of Life”, and the site I am creating is about the “The Meaning of Death”…We must link up sometime! (I think they’re both sides of the same coin…as the Buddhists say “Birth is the cause of Death”)

    • That is interesting. I want to have a look when your site is ready.
      Also “death is the beginning of your next life”.


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