I am MisterWailor. Welcome to my website.Misterwailor

I love to think.  My interest is in the meaning of life and also I like to know more about human behaviour.  Then I could understand more about why we do thing and act in a certain way.  What make us human?  Are we any different to animals.

When I was seventeen years old.  I locked myself in my room, not virtually.  I just didn’t step out of the house for a month, the entire time.  The reason why I did that was my friends were all disappeared to God knows where.  I used the time to draw pictures, write poems and when I get really really bored, I start to think about “what life is supposed to mean?”  Where does happiness comes from?

My mom was worry about me and she thought that I don’t have money to go out with my friends.  So you tried to offer me some money, but I declined.  She must be thinking, “What a strange boy! My son is abnormal.”

I spent days doing that, and at the end I came to the conclusion that:

  1. Money doesn’t make us happy.  I can see that there are many unhappy rich people.  So I make a decision not to make making money as my goal.
  2. I believed that love is the most important thing in this world.  For I could see in the books, the movies and the songs that I came across.  They all talked about how great is love.
  3. I could not get a conclusion on how to make myself happy. At the end, I decided to just be happy no matter what situation I will be in and also in whatever I do.

These decisions made me the way I am today.  I became a thinker and I am a doer.  I would try anything that I am interested in.  I learn bricklaying, bookkeeping, plastering, playing piano and a whole lot of other things.  I even did cross-stitch which is suppose to be a hobby for women.

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Before you go. I wish you all the best and good luck!