What is Paradise?

Every one of us has heard of the word “paradise”.  Do you know how paradise actually looks like?  Do you know how citizens of paradise live their life?  What do they do in their daily life?  What is paradise actually?

Most people think that a paradise is a nice place and everyone can live an eternal life.  Also everyone is happy and no one needs to work.  I believed not many people have ever spend the time to think about how paradise should be.  What are we suppose to do in paradise?

I am a little different from you.  I have spent some time thinking how paradise should be.  Here is what I come up with.  If you have different ideas about paradise, I would love to know.  So leave me a comment below.


My paradise:

I believe the most important thing in paradise is the people.  We have the nicest people and we all love each other as brothers and sisters.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be paradise and so that’s why bad people are not allowed into paradise.

In paradise, there is no money.  For wealth accumulation is meaningless.  Citizens of paradise crave for love and we crave for knowledge.  Our riches are only in our heart.

How does it work if there is no money?  Of course everything is free.



We still have to work everyday just like what we have on earth.  We work four hours a day and we can choose to do whatever we wanted to do afterward.  We have the same professions, but we don’t have bank – since money doesn’t exist.  Also, you cannot be an accountant for there is nothing to account for.

Every morning we go to work and after work we can do whatever we like.  The reason we have to work is we need to produce things – grow fruits and vegetables, make furniture and build houses, etc.  We need a house to live in and we still need food to eat.

We live a stress free life for we don’t have bosses and no one pushes you to do things.  You do things at your own pace.  If you need help, everyone will be willing to come and give you a hand.


Kids still need to go to school for 4 hours a day.  They can choose to study anything they like.  There are no compulsory subjects.  They make their own decision for whatever professions that they want to do in their future.

Adult can go back to school too.  If you want to change profession, you just go back to school and start at the beginning.

Food and necessities

We go to the shops and get whatever we want and whatever is available.  There is no point in getting more than we need, for everything is free.  If you want something which is not available, you can put in a request and someone will make it for you.

You can still go to restaurants and they are free as well.  Some people like cooking so much that they opened their own restaurant.  Unlike our restaurant, the owners might come and sit on your table and eat together – of course he will ask for your permission first.


Everyday, the musicians, the actor and actress will put on showsIroning for us.  We sing, we dance and we laugh.  Everyday is a fun day if you choose.

You can go to art galleries, or visit museum.  Have a stroll in the park,  go fishing in the lake and do whatever fun things that you like.  Or you preferred to join the book club, sewing club or bowling club.


We have a central computer system and everyone has a computer.  Using the computer, we can chat to other people, we can put in a request for help and we can publish the things that we have learned.  In the computer database, you can look up anything you want and we don’t keep any knowledge secret from others.

All communication is through our computers and we don’t need a phone – just like our Facebook.


Builders keep building houses and any new couples can just pick an empty house they want to occupy.  They write their name on the front door and it is their house for as long as they wanted.

Then they go to the shops to pick their furniture, cookware and all the other necessities.  They can invite thousands of people to their wedding, so weddings are normally held in the town hall or in the parks.  It is just like a big party.


There is no government.  We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do.  Because there is no crime so there are no polices.  There are no laws, for everyone of us is decent we will not do anything to harm others.


This is my version of paradise.  A lovely place to live in.  You are more than welcome to join me.

Signing off


p.s. A few days after I have published this article.  I suddenly realized that we can create this paradise any time we want.  Yes, I mean in this world we are living in now – today.  We don’t need any new invention to make it happen.  The only thing we need is the desire and the love for all people – the minute that we removed MONEY from our world.  

It makes me so sad that we don’t have to desire to do this.  When some rich countries said they want to get rid of poverty in this world.  They are telling lies, for they have no real desire to do that.  You can see the number of poor and unemployed people in their own countries.  They cannot even help people in their own country.

I recently seen a statistical data on the distribution of wealth in America.  The top 1% of the people owns 40% of the country’s wealth.  From this fact, you will know what kind of people we have in this world.


Jerry · September 1, 2014 at 3:47 am

Sounds perfect and people can enjoy themselves, may be that can be called paradise. But I think if you are a decent human being and have love in your heart and have a right mind and treat other people as like brothers and sisters. You don’t have to look for paradise, you are already in it.

    MisterWailor · September 1, 2014 at 5:21 am

    Hi Jerry,

    You are 100% in saying this. If everyone loves everybody and we treat others as our brothers and sisters, we don’t need to look for paradise.
    Thanks for your comment.

John · August 18, 2014 at 9:20 am

Sounds like paradise to me!!

Great post!


    MisterWailor · August 18, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Hi John,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your nice comment.


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