Wife Always Unhappy

A lot of married men has an unhappy wife.  They asked, “Why is my wife always unhappy?”  I am not surprised, I have seen too many.  If you are a woman reading this story. Do not be upset, I am not trying to say something bad about women.  I am just giving you the reasons why there are so many unhappy wives.  Also, what can we do about it?

Megan got up at six o’clock every morning to prepare a lunch boxCutlery sets for her husband – Jeffrey.  Also lunch boxes for the two kids.  It was dreadful especially in winter, it was so cold even inside the house.  After that, she has to put on makeup, got dress and go to work.

Megan and Jeffrey have been married for ten years.  Recently, they have arguments virtually every single day.  She didn’t know what caused it, but everything Jeffrey did and every word he said annoy her.  She was angry with Jeffrey, he didn’t put in enough effort in their relationship – as least in her opinion.

Jeffrey has to be told to take the rubbish out.  He has to be told to tidy up the house and he has to be told to do the vacuuming.  Why can’t he do it without me telling him?

Megan was so busy every day.  Cooking, cleaning, washing……. and the chore never ends.  She didn’t enjoy doing them, but she had to.  No one else is going to do it for her.  If she knew this is the kind of life a wife is suppose to has, she would never get married.

Jeffrey works in a bank as a teller for over ten years, and he hasn’t had a promotion ever.  Megan works in a school as an administrator, she worked part time.  She did part-time work because she needed to pick up their children when school finished.

Their combined income was just enough for their expenses.  Every month there wasn’t much left over.  Megan wanted to take the kids to Disneyland within a couple of years.  At the look of things they wouldn’t be able to afford it, which upset her.

“I need a long holiday,” Megan said to herself. “The last holiday was their honeymoon ten years ago.  I am tired.”  She was not happy.

“What can I do?” shouted Jeffrey angrily. “You want me to rob the bank?”  Whenever Megan start mentioning about money and their holiday.  He stormed out of the house and walked to the bar two blocks away.  He wanted to have a beer and cool himself down. He was not only upset about Megan, and he was also upset at himself.  He could not provide for his family – that is the job of a man.

“Nowadays, we are lucky as long as we have a job!” thought Jeffrey.  “There are so many people unemployed, I wonder how they survive?”  The world has been changing.  He remembered his father told him when he was young there were jobs everywhere.  He said he can walk out of a job and find another job on the next day.  Now, if you can find a job in three months, you can consider yourselves lucky.  “What is wrong with the world now?” he asked himself, but he has no answer to his own question.

Wife always unhappy

I think a lot of people could relay to this and many are in the same situation.

My readers, do you know what is wrong with our world?  Is it the cause of Megan and Jeffery’s argument?  It is true that our economy brings stress to our relationship and our family life?

Yes, there is something wrong with our world.  I have noticed that the big corporate are getting more and more greedy.  Not only the big corporate, in fact, every company is the same.  I have seen a lot of people got layoff, but they are never replaced.  The other people who are still with the company will share the work.  It is not uncommon for one person to do two person’s job or even three – only with one paycheck.

We all agreed that the society is bring stress to our relationship.  Our life seems to be harder than our parents.  In our parent’s time, if you have a university degree, you are guaranteed to have a job.  Now, when you graduate from university, you become unemployed.  God know how long it will take you to find your first job!

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Okay, let’s put all these gloom and doom aside and look at the situation of Jeffrey and Megan again.

One thing for certain is that they need to make more money, but I do not agree with Megan’s reaction to this situation.  Acting this way would not fix their problem, in fact, it will make it even worst.

When you are upset, and you argue with your husband.  So you make him upset as well.  Do you think they will be able to make more money in this state of mind?

I can tell you.  When they are upset, their brains are in a shutdown mode and they will never be able to think straight.  They would never be able to perform properly and they might even lose their current job because of it.  They might divorce you, is it what you want?

What the wife needs to do is make it a happy family whether you have the money or not.  You can give your husband some suggestions of how to make more money.  You love him, you cherish him.  You know what, we can change for someone we love but we will never change for someone we hate.  Is it simple enough for you to understand?

So make it a happy family and the money will come.  Be happy and don’t focus on money.  If you want your husband to do things for you – just ask.

We are men and we don’t see that little speck of dust on the floor.  We also don’t know when the rubbish bin needs to be emptied.  Have you read the book “Men Are from MarsWomen Are from Venus”?  If you want to change him, you now know what to do – I have taught you already.

I wish you all can have a happy family.

Signing off


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