Why You Feel Something Missing In Life

Have you ever had a feeling that something missing in life? Tree at sunsetYou think there are more to life than what you currently have.  Or perhaps you don’t quite understand what life is supposed to be and you are lost.

It was a Friday afternoon at lunch hour.  The sun was high up in the sky and you can feel the fresh breeze in the air.  Two friends sitting inside a local coffee shop.  They are waiting for their kids to finish school.

“Why is life so tough?” asked Cynthia.

“God knows,” Mandy replied unexcitedly as she sucked on her cigarette.

 “We didn’t have sex for quite some time, me and John.” Said Cynthia quietly.


“Oh! You want to talk about your sex life?” asked Mandy, now she is interested. She leaned forward and looked Cynthia in the eyes.


“No!” Exclaimed Cynthia shaking her head.  She paused for a few seconds, “I am feeling a bit tired lately.”


“What is bordering you?  My dear Cynthia.” Replied Mandy. She sounded cynical.


“I know I should be happy,” said Cynthia.  “I have a good husband who loves me and I have a lovely daughter……., but I am not.”


“You know?  There are many people in this world who would LOVE to be in your shoes.”


“I know. You don’t have to tell me, but I still feel there is something missing in my life.”


“It must be your mid-life crisis!” Mandy laughed loudly. “We will be late, let’s go and pick up our little ones.  Believe me, honey, it will disappear when you are busy.”
Cynthia shook her head and got back to reality.  They settled the bill and hurried off to the school.

My dear reader.  Have you ever have this kind of feeling before?  You feel that there are something missing in your life, but you cannot pinpoint what it is.  You would love to have more, live life to the full.  You feel that you don’t have enough money.  Not only money, there are lots of other things that you want more…..
– more excitement
– more love
– more time
– more personal space
– more happy


For a lady, you might want more nice shoes.  As for a guy, it could be a trendy sports car.


Why do we feel this way?  Is it something really missing in our life or is it something wrong with us?


It is absolutely normal for you to feel this way.  Life consists of different elements, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  Every one of us has different mixes, some are more physical and some are more mental. When we grow up, we might not have enough education on each one.  Without the proper education, the elements will not all reach its full potential.  You know that there is physical education and spiritual education, but you might not have heard of emotional education and mental education.


Physical education – You learn how to exercise and keep your body in shape.  You have a health body.
Spiritual education – You learn about God and keep a good relationship with God.  You learn to give love and kindness to others.
Emotional education – You learn how to calm your own emotion in difficult circumstances.  You behave properly in all situations.
Mental education –  You learn how to analyze with your brain and have a logical mindset.  You learn how to think for yourselves.


When you are lacking in one area, it will lead to imbalance.  So, if you feel that you are missing something, then you have to understand why.  Interestingly, when you are balanced with all these elements, you will have a sense of purpose.  This sense of purpose you can called it a goal, an interest, the meaning of life or whatever.


To find this purpose, you have to dig deep. You have to understand yourself.  You have to know what you want out of life.  I could tell you now it is not easy to know what actually you want out of life.  You might be able to find it if you lock yourself insides a room for a week.  Or perhaps, you want to take a trip overseas to find your purpose.


The most important factor in finding your purpose is ACTION.  Without action, you will never be able to live life to the full when you are sitting on your bump.  The diagram below will show you why.


take action to find purpose
When you take action, you will find something interesting.  When you find it interesting, it will interest you to take more action.  The circle continues, the more action you take the more you find it interesting and worthwhile.  The more interesting your life will be.  That is the reason why you find busy people tends to have more interests.  They tend to have a purpose in life, whereby a lazy person will have no purpose in life and they don’t want to do anything.


A lazy person has no interest in anything.


Therefore, you can see ACTION is the key to making life more interesting or having a purpose.  The more you do, the more meaningful you life will be.



If you find that you feel you are missing something in life, or you want to find the purpose in life.  Take action, learn something and do something.  Here is one of the most wonderful songs I loved since I was a small child.

The essence of the song is “climb every mountain”.  It means take massive action, search high and low.  You have to search around you and also you have to search within you.  You are wasting your life sitting on the couch doing nothing, or you entertain yourself with those cheap meaningless TV shows, movies or Youtube videos.
“A single day spent doing things which fail to nourish the soul is a day stolen, mutilated, and discarded in the gutter of destiny.” – Michel Faber.
So get up and take action.
Signing off’



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