Why We Should Never Stop Learning

I believe as long as we live, we should never stop learning.  I love to learn since I was a kid.  When I was in primary school, I liked to sit on the front row in class.  There was nothing between me and the teacher.  I totally concentrated on the teacher and there were no distractions.

Well, to tell you the truth.  The real reason I was sitting in the front because I was one of the shortest in the class.  The teacher organised it this way, so everyone would be able to see the blackboard.

That suited me just fine because I loved to learn.  I went to the library every week to borrow books to read.  I was just seven years old and I went to the library alone.  I would stay at the library for hours until I felt hungry, that reminded me it was time to go home.  The first time I read Aesop’s Fables, I was so happy.  How could the animals talk?

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The book I loved most was “The Education of Love”.  It was in Chinese and until now I still don’t know the real name of this book or the author.  It was written by a French author and translated.  In this book, he talked about all kind of love, from loving your family to the love for your country.  Some of the stories really touched my heart.  I vowed to follow the examples in this book and it made me who I am today – I love to help other people.

I keep learning all the time.  I want to know everything that is to know. There are two subjects that I don’t touch, cooking and rearing a baby.  Don’t ask me why I am just not interested.  Although I don’t read books of these kinds but I don’t mind doing it.

Why do we need to keep learning?

The first reason is there are many things that we don’t know in this universe, which are worthwhile to find out, subjects like:

  • what is the meaning of life?
  • where do we come from?
  • why do we need religion?
  • the mysteries of our universe?
  • and many others.

The second reason is our world and our society keeps changing, there are new ideas and new inventions every single day.  We need to keep up with them because we don’t want to be left behind.

never stop learning

What are the benefits when we keep learning?

  • We would not get dementia.  Please refer to my other postSomething for everyoneHow to Cure Dementia -Unofficial Guide
  • It will keep us young at heart.  I found that the more you learn, the most interesting things you will find.  That equates to the more you learnt, the more you wanted to learn – so it is never ending. 🙂
  • You will not be a boring person.  Some of my friends, they don’t like learning.  Every time you see them, they will teach about the same subject.  It is all they know; isn’t that boring.
  • You will be able to relate to the younger generation.  Since you are updated with new things and new ideas.  You can communicate with the younger generations and they will be very surprised when you tell them something new which they don’t know.  They will see you differently; not just another old folk.

These are just some of the benefits when you never stop learning.  You will get to know this world more and you will get to know other people more.  You have an open mind and you are fun to be with.

While you keep learning, you need to use some time to think.  Through thinking, you can consolidate your knowledge.  Hence, you can come up with new ideas.  Ideas which are totally new.  Isn’t that fantastic?

Just give you an example, me.  Many people like talking to me because I have ideas which are out of the ordinary, yet logical – Don’t laugh! I like to believe my ideas are logical.  Ha ha!
I can talk about lots of subjects, you will never find me boring or old fashion.  I have more imagination than young people.  If you want new ideas, ask me – you can leave your questions in the comment section.

When you talk to me.  I will challenge your brain power.  I will challenge your ideas.  Also, I can tell you something you have never heard of before.  That is the result of me never stop learning.

So if you want to be smarter, funnier, livelier and more popular.  Never stop learning.

These are some of the good things that you should consider learning.

  • learn to love
  • learn to be kind
  • learn to be a better person

Have fun in learning!

Signing off


I would like to recommend a book to you.

The art of learning - by Josh Waitzkin
The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance

The Art of Learning takes readers through Waitzkin’s unique journey to excellence. He explains in clear detail how a well-thought-out, principled approach to learning is what separates success from failure. Waitzkin believes that achievement, even at the championship level, is a function of a lifestyle that fuels a creative, resilient growth process. Rather than focusing on climactic wins, Waitzkin reveals the inner workings of his everyday method, from systematically triggering intuitive breakthroughs, to honing techniques into states of remarkable potency, to mastering the art of performance psychology. 


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