What Should We Teach Our Children?

Sometimes I wonder…why are there so many problems with our society?  Where have all the nice people gone?  If we want our society to have more nice people in the future; what should we teach our children?

The answer lies with how we educate our children and also how we act and the examples we set.  Do you know what we should teach our children?

Let me start with education. If we don’t teach our children well, there will be more criminals than good people – many of them educated criminals.

When the children were young, their parents have already designed a path for them.  Do you know why we do that?  You can refer to my other article- We are Sheep.


The path is: 

Go to a good school, then enter a good university, graduate and get a good job – and finally…make good money.  The assumption is that he or she will have a good life – a big house, nice car and so on.  This is the normal thinking, almost over 90% of people think this way.

What does it lead to? Spend some time and think about this. Does money really bring us happiness?

The second aspect of it lies with how we act. Nowadays, everyone seems to just focus on money. We want money, money and more money! Everywhere we go and everyone we see, we talk about money.

Books which teach  “how to make money” are the best sellers. When we act like this our children will follow our example. What are the consequences when we are acting this way? Is making money all we should care about?

Do you know what our children learned in school?

Today’s children learn a lot of things which are very complicated, even for an adult. I have looked at my son’s textbooks and found plenty of subjects that I have never learned when I was his age.  The schools only interest are to teach them information which has no real value.  Also, a lot of what they teach are non-practical and meaningless stuff.

One example is Calculus. I don’t know why they teach children Calculus, very few will need to use it in their jobs? Maybe one in a million, hence most of them wasted their time learning something utterly useless.

The other example is Biology, “how cells looks like” inside a plant. Could you tell me what is the use of that? I don’t think any farmer or gardener knows about it. Over 90% of what they teach in school is useless information.

Instead of teaching them all these non-practical things, teach them something useful, such as how to be a good person and what is right and wrong. Teach them how to be a good child, a good father, a good mother and a good citizen. Then there would be more nice people in our world, and we would have less crime, less social problems.  As a result, we will have a better world.


Imagine if everyone in this world is nice and decent. If everyone are willing to help others, we would be living in paradise. Paradise is not in a faraway place, it is here in this world if only we could make it so.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela.

Our parents and our teachers.  Please teach our children basic goodness, and set a good example for our children.

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