What Is Happiness?

Before I start, let me start by saying “Happy New Year.”

For thousands of years, humans have been living in this world.  We all love to have happiness, but very few of us could truly understand what happiness really is.  Many of us want to know the answer to this question, “What is Happiness?”  As you can see from the graph below from Google Trends.

what is happiness

Number of searches on the internet for “What is Happiness?”

As you can see from this graph, since 2005, more people are interested in finding out “What is Happiness?”.  Why do they want to find out the meaning of happiness?  I think they want to be happy, for without knowing the true meaning of happiness, it would be very hard finding it.

Many people live a miserable life and they think living is suffering.  They do find pleasure once in a while, but the pleasure they have never lasted.


Stop reading for a  moment and think, do you know what is happiness?

I will discuss with you what I think is happiness, but before that I want to show you an interesting infographic –

The Science of Happiness. ← click here to visit the website.

Do you find this infographic interesting?  Can you relate to it?

There is also a Youtube video I want to show you.

How do you like this video? Do you think he gets the true meaning of happiness?

Is happiness just contentment and self-awareness?

My opinion – what is happiness?

Let me tell you the story of Buddha (Prince Siddhartha), and how he found happiness.  He was very unhappy when he saw the suffering of his people because he loved them.  He knew that all creatures, including people, animals, and all other living beings, like to be happy and don’t like pain and suffering. He then went on the journey of finding a way to end the suffering of his people.  For many years he traveled around India and at the end he found Buddhism and true happiness.

I will use a picture to explain to you my opinion of what is happiness.  You don’t have to be a Buddhist to understand the concept.


When we first born, we have Self.  To understand what happiness is, we have to learn what does it mean to be human – what does it mean to exist.  At this moment, we don’t have a complete self.  Since we lack the understanding, we don’t know how to live life, we don’t know what we want and don’t know what we need.

We set out to learn what life is and we learn about love.  We start to understand life is love.  We learn how to give love and we start to love others.

When we give love to others and we receive love in return.  I think you will agree with me that receiving true love is the most wonderful thing in life.

After we receive love from others, then the love we received complete our Self.  This circle goes round and round, the more love we give and the more love we received.

Happiness is obtained in each step.  Happiness comes from within, we don’t need any material things to be happy.

  • We are happy when we are whole, we lack nothing and there is nothing more we need to be happy.
  • We are happy when we have the understanding of the meaning of life.  We are happy when we understand the power of love.  I believe life is love and love are life.
  • We are happy when we give love to others.  I hope you have experience happiness when you help someone in need.  Or you have experience the joy when you love somebody.
  • We are happy when we received love from others.  The more you give and more you get back in return.

That is the reason why selfish people never have happiness, for they have never given their love to other, for they only love themselves.   They have emptiness inside and they always feel something is missing.  Therefore, they look for excitement, materials and money, but it will never make themselves complete.

That is the reason why materialistic people never have true happiness.  Having lots of money or a big house will never make them happy.


If you want happiness, learn to give, learn to love and learn the meaning of life. 

I have another article called “The Joy of Giving.”  I think you will enjoy it.

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