We Are Sheep


Do you know why we are sheep?

Because God said so.  It was written in the Bible, Ezekiel 34:31 “As for you, My sheep, the sheep of my pasture, you are men, and I am your God,” declares the Lord.

Don’t worry, this article will not be a religious discussion.  I promised.  God really understand us and we do have sheep like behaviours.

Stay together

If you have seen sheep in the field, they usually stay in one group.  Especially when facing danger, they will stay in one close pack.  As a human, we do the same, that is why we built cities, towns and villages.  We feel safer living closer to each other, it also offers convenience.  We are social animals.  This behaviour is okay, it doesn’t do us any harm staying together.

Staying together actually, bring us power.  Click here to read my other article: The Power of Unity.

But our next sheep-like behaviour is not so recommendable.

Follow the leader 

In a pack of sheep, there is always a leader.  Which all other sheep follows.

I remembered when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge visited Australia a few months ago.  People wanted to copy what she wore.  All the similar dresses are all sold out in the department stores within a couple of days.  It showed that how we are so keen to follow.



The ladies who brought the same dress; would they look as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge?  Even if they do, what can they achieved by copying someone?

Most of us don’t seem to have a mind of our own.  When we see people brought a new car, and we want one.  When we see people built a new house, and we want one too.  Some of us are so used to following (or copying), we don’t know if we actually need it.

The worst of the worst is copying other people to chase after money.  We send our kids to school and we tell them, “Study hard and get a good job.  After you graduate and you will make lots of money.”

Is studying’s sole purpose, to get a good job and to make money?  If you think like this, I feel sorry for you.  For you don’t even know what life’s purpose is.   You have to understand what is the meaning of life, and then you will live a peaceful and happy life.  You will educate your children so they will be an upstanding citizen who contributes to our world. We already have too many lazy and dishonest people, we don’t need more.

As a result, you will not follow other people blindly; you don’t even know if it is good or bad for you.

If you want to follow someone, don’t follow movie stars or rich people who’re only interest is making money.  They only think of themselves and no others, they are selfish, greedy and self-centered.


So who should you follow?  Here are some suggestions:

Abraham Lincoln – he knew the danger but he bravely freed the black people in USA.  At the end he paid the price with his life.  He is one of my hero for his bravery and kindness towards others.  He has no discrimination of race and skin color – we are all brothers and sisters.

Mother Teresa – devoted her life in helping poor and sick people in 133 countries.  She was recognised as a saint by the Catholic Church.  Her kindness was second to none.

Mahatma Gandhi – he inspired movements lead to the independence of India and freedom across the world.  I admired him because he did it in a peaceful and non-violence method. Freedom for all mankind under dictatorship.

Jesus Christ – although I am not a Christian, but Jesus is one of the best you should follow.  We should learn from him, compassion, love, kindness and lots of other virtues.

Signing off



You want to follow Jesus, you need a copy of the Bible to learn his teaching.  You can click the picture below to get a copy from Amazon.


Neil · July 21, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Excellent discussion why we are sheep and I agree with what you say. However, I much prefer not to be a sheep because I want to be an eagle, spread my wings and fly away very high 😉

I want to be the person that separates myself from the crowd and creates my own path in life.


    admin · July 21, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    Thanks for the comment. In order to separates yourself from the crowd, first thing is to understand what is the purpose of life. After the understanding and you will not follow others blindly. From then on, you will need to learn how to be an eagle and start your transformation.


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