Value of Your Relationship

Do you understand what “value your relationship” means?

There are two answers to this question.  The first answer is you treasure your relationship and the second answer is, you put a value on your relationship (dollar value).

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We need to value our relationship, I mean treasure it.  No matter what kind of relationship it is, might it be friendship, lover or relatives.  If you think it is worthwhile, you need to put some effort to maintain the relationship.

Some think maintaining a relationship is hard work.  They have a wrong idea.  You don’t have to see someone all the time to maintain a good relationship.  A simple phone call once a while is okay, just call and say you still remember them and ask how they are doing.

It is particular hard nowadays when everyone is so busy doing our own things and also spending too much time at work to keep our boss happy.

I am not going to tell you how to maintain your relationship.  I want to talk about the second answer to the question previously.

Put a value on your relationship

Many of us have a value on the relationship with everyone we know.  You might not understand what I am talking about.  Let me ask you a question.  If you are going to buy a present for someone, how much are you willing to spend?

For example.

Spouse – $1000
Parent – $200
Children – $500
Brothers and sisters – $100
Friend – $50
Boss – $20
Colleague – $20

Try it out and think about it, write a list similar to this.  You probably have a different value than mine.  We put a monetary value on different people in our life.  The closer they are to us and better the relationship, we will put a higher value on them.  This is an absolutely normal behavior.

How much to give also depends on the kind of person you are.  If you are more generous, you give more.

You should also know most people like generous people more than misers.  The reason behind is generous people like to share what they have with others.  (I feel sorry for all those people who don’t share.)


Don’ put a value on your relationship

You should not put a value on your relationship.  When you are buying present for the people in your life or someone you love.  You should base on necessity not value.  It might cost you more or it might cost you less.  Do not be concern with the dollar value as long as you can afford it.

Here is a story I want to tell you a little story told to me by one of my friend.

A young man just got his driving license and he wanted a new car.  He told his mom and dad what he wanted for his birthday.  His dad is a rich man, there wouldn’t be any problem buying him a new car.  His birthday was two months away and he eagerly waiting for his new car.

On the day of his birthday –

“What did you brought me?” he asked his dad.

His dad took out a wrapped package. He knew immediately it was a book without even unwrapping it.  He was really unhappy.

“Where is my new car?” He asked in his mind, and he said thank you to his father plainly.  He took the present, turned around and went back to his room.

He was furious with his dad.  He threw the present to the corner of his room without opening it.

The next day, he left his parents without saying goodbye.  He hated like his parents and he wanted to start a new life by himself.  If they had give him a cheap small car, he wouldn’t be so upset.

Years passed, he had not be in communication with his parents.  He was very successful and he made a fortune for himself.

One day, he heard from other people who know his parents that his father passed away.  He decided to go home and visit his mom.

After the funeral, he went back to his room and reminiscence.  He recalled things that happened in his youth.

He saw the present still laying on the floor at the corner of his room.  He picked it up and unwrapped it.  He wanted to know what his dad gave him.

“Let see what kind of book this is?” He asked himself.

He saw a Bible.  He flipped the pages and a key dropped out from the Bible.  He picked up the key and he notice the word “Lamborghini” engraved on it.  He was confused.

“What is this?  Did my dad gave me a Lamborghini?” He asked himself.  “It couldn’t be!”

He rushed out and showed the key to his mom.

“The car is still in the garage.” Said his mom quietly.

He found the car in the garage.  He didn’t know what to make of it.  A sense of guilt rush into mind.

“I am so sorry dad.  I didn’t know!” He knelt in front of the car and cried.

This young man has made a very bad mistake – he judged relationship with monentary value.

You think this is just a story.  Similar situation happened to me.  Someone very dear to me complaint about the value of the present I gave.  I was devastated.

When relationship is brought with money, it is cheap and not genuine.  Do you want to have friends who love your money but not you?

The love you received is far more valuable than any amount of money you can get.

“What goes around comes around.” – this means you will receive what you give to others.

So give with all your heart and you will receive true love in return.

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