The Search for the Meaning of Life – Part 2

The next day, Michael packed some lunch for themselves and they wanted to go to their father’s grave.  George wanted to tell his father he has found the answer, and he hasn’t told Michael the answer yet.

George also insisted that Michael’s whole family should all come along as well, every one of them.  They were standing in front of the grave.  Michael said, “Father, you should be able to rest in peace now.  George has finally found the answer you’re looking for.  He has searched everywhere, high and low, at last, he got the answer for you after more than forty years.”

George looked at his brother and he said, “Father.  I’ve got the answer for you.  I searched everywhere, all over the country for many, many years.  At the end, I found the answer at home, and it is love.  The meaning of life is LOVE.”  He paused for a moment and he continued.


“I will explain it to you father.  Please looked at Michael and his beautiful families, his wife, his sons and daughters and also his grandchildren.  They all love each other, what more do you need other than that.  That is the reason that we are born into this world for, it is to love one another.”

“Our love should not for just our families or friends.  Like Jesus Christ had told us, each one of us on earth should love each other as our brothers and sisters.  Without love, there is no meaning to our existence.  For example, I have seen people commit suicide when their loved one passed away. Do you know why, Father?  Because they cannot live without love.

Another example, if one of Michael’s child or grandchild is to die.  Michael would be willing to trade his life and die for them because he loves them so much….”  He has tears in his eyes and he could hardly continue.

“Father, I’ve fulfilled your assignment, so rest in peace,” said George.  He bowed to the grave.


After that, George lived with Michael and his families together happily.  He decided to write a book for he wanted to tell the world what he learned.

He wrote in his book,”  Love is the most important thing in this world and it is also the meaning of life.  For if there is no love, we have no reason to live – as a human.  We are different from animals for we have intelligent.

We should not live our life like animals, we should not kill each other, use people as slaves, or exploit people, like giving someone a minimum wage of $2.50 an hour, it is absurd.  When they themselves are earning hundreds of dollars an hour.  This is the behaviour of animals, not human.

You might have heard this, “people are born to be loved and things are made to be used.  But nowadays, we use people and we love our things instead.”  It is funny but I found it very sad.

You know, when we have love, we have happiness.  The love I am talking about it TRUE love.  For example, when we love our children, we would love to cook for them and look after them, it is not a dread or a chore.

If you found that it is a chore to do something for someone, then you don’t love them that much.  Your love for them is not true love.  You love yourself more than you love them.

As a matter of fact, it is very common nowadays.  True love is very hard to find.

For some of us:

  • You don’t love your husband because he didn’t take the garbage out, you hate him for being so lazy.
  • You don’t love your child when he comes home with a bad school report.  You want him to be perfect.  For you have brilliant, smart, good looking, hard working and perfect genes – why didn’t it pass on to him?  You wondered.

When we have true love, we are:

  • happy to cook for our children and they don’t need to be perfect
  • happy to do things for our husband/wife and it is not a chore
  • happy to work and happy to be alive

Have you seen people who glow when they are in love, they give out this radiant and everyone can sense it?  I have seen it and I have experienced it myself.  It is the power of love.

There were some great people who gave their love and their life to us, many years had passed after their death, we still remembered them.  They are Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.  Their greatness was because of their true love, which has no boundary, no distinction of skin colors and no conditions.


Happiness also comes from contentment  When we are in love, we are content and there is nothing more that we need.  We will have happiness and we will have peace.

I wish you could find true love and happiness.

That’s all for today.

Signing off



Lemm · July 29, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Hi MisterWailor, Just want to let you know….you got the right fruit of life 100% – which is love. Thanks for following me at WA. -Lemm

    admin · July 29, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Lemm,
    Thanks for your comment. Love is all we need.

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