The Game of Life

Some say life is a journey.  I think life is more like a game than anything else.  I will explain to you later on.

After we were born, we learn, we play, we live and we do all sorts of things – smart things, silly things and useless things.  At the end, we die.  Some people have a more adventurous life and some have a simple life.  Some do great things and some do nothing more than eat, sleep and play.

What is the right way to live our life?

What should we do with our time?

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The funny game of life

When you joined this game, you are not told what is the goal of this game and also you are not told how to play this game.  You met many people who joined years before you, but they still don’t know what this game is all about.  What are we suppose to do?

There is no game manual and there are no rules. (People do makeup rules, but some of the rules are ridiculous and unfair.)

Since we don’t know what to do, we just follow what others are doing.  The idea is – if everyone else is doing the same thing it must be correct.

Some of us ask questions, but since most of us don’t know the real purpose of this game, and we could not get any answers.  Some players will give you their interpretation of this game, but you don’t quite understand what they are telling you.  Perhaps you don’t believe what they told you.

You want to win this game, but how?  You don’t even know what you are doing.  It is the funniest game of all – the game of life.

Many people turn to religion for answers.



Some religions will tell you the purpose of life is to serve God, or they will tell you God is the purpose of life.  Is it true?  Did God really create man and so we could serve and worship him?

I don’t think so.  (I can live without God and God can live without me, so we don’t need each other.  Also, I don’t need anything from God and God doesn’t want anything from me.  If all God wants is me believing in him, too bad.  I cannot do it without seeing him in person.  I have to talk to him first then I will decide what to do.)

Religion also promises you that you will go to heaven if you are a true believer and you did what God told you to do.

Do you want to go to heaven and play a continuous and eternal “second game of life”?

I found this very absurd.  You have played a “first game of life” without knowing what this game is all about.  Now you want to play a second game in eternity.  Would it be better if you ask your God what life is all about first before you decide?  I would.

All the religions on earth, have no answer to my question. “The purpose of life?”

Also, could we life a meaningful life without religion?

According to The World Factbook.  Here is the percentage distribution of people in religion

Christian – 31.5%
Muslim – 23.2%
Hindu – 13.8%
Buddhist – 6.77%
Jewish – 0.22%
Baha’i – 0.11%
Sikh – 0.35%
Other religion – 10.95%
Non-religious – 9.66%
Atheists – 2.01%

Interestingly, it does not add up to 100%.  Nevertheless, we have around 88% of the world population who are believers. Looks like we cannot do without religion.

Does religion really give us answers to this game of life?

We have over 7.125 billion people in our world.  Why we didn’t all get together and find out the answer to this game of life?

Many people suffer in life voluntarily or in-voluntarily.  They perceived life is a struggle.  That is the reason why people want to have money.  They believe their struggle will end when they have money.   They see work is a dread, something undesirable.

This is the view of most ordinary people.  Interesting, most rich people still go to work everyday and they enjoy their work.   Some poor people do understand this concept and they enjoy their work – but no many.

Is work the purpose of our life?

Is money the purpose of our life?

I have discussed this topic already in my older article – Meaningful Pursues and The Meaning of life.


How to play the game of life?

You need to understand if you want to go somewhere, you need to have an itinerary.  At the very least you need to know where you want to go.  When you have a plan, you will have a better chance of getting what you want.

In order to make a good decision, you need to learn lots.  The more you learn the more you will understand what life is all about.  You need to learn about this world, learn about what makes us human and also learn who you are.  Without this basic understanding, you have no chance.

There is one thing I will tell you.  If you want to know if you are winning in this game.  Ask yourself this question – am I happy?

The percentage of happiness you have is a gauge of your success.  If you are happy all the time, then you are a true winner.  Also, when you die if you have a smile your face, you are a winner too.  For you truly understand what life is all about.

If you don’t understand what life is, you need to ask yourself this question “What is the meaning of life?” everyday.  Your mind and your soul will give you the answer you need one day.

When you find the answer, the game will be more fun.

Signing off



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