The Cycle of Life

There are many things in life which happen in cycles – I called it the Cycles of Life.  Like sunrise and sunset, high tide and low tide and also the changing of the seasons.

Many things in our life also appear as cycles.  Like emotional cycles, some days we feel happier and some days we feel sad.  Sometimes everything works well for us, but sometimes nothing seems right.  Some day our body feel excellent, some day we feel so tired.

The Cycle of Life

It is very important that we understand this cycles of life. We can feel better when we know that problems will come and go.  When we are in difficult times and we know our luck will come soon. When we understand this concept, it will be easier for us to accept it without overwhelmed emotions.  Hence, we will be able to deal with our problem with a logical, calm mindset.

What should we do when we face challenges?

We understand that the challenge will pass somehow, just do whatever you can to overcome it.  Instead of getting upset, take one little step at a time.  Imagine you are a little turtle and you need to get to the sea, but there is a huge long sand beach ahead of you.  All you can do is take it one step at a time.  You cannot give up if you do the sun will dry your skin and you are gone.

You lose when you give up.

When things don’t go your way.  Instead of whining and complaining; you should use the time to do something.  Here are a few suggestions:-

  • tidy up your room
  • make a cup of tea and relax
  • make a plan to do something
  • go out and enjoy the scenery of nature
  • catch up with your sleep
  • watch a movie
  • use the time to visit your friends

You can come up with that something you like to do when times are bad.  It is not hard.  Action is better than inaction, sitting there will not help. Just do something.

Accept who you are

No matter how hard you tried, success might not come your way.  There are many reasons why we are not successful.  Do not be upset with yourself if you have already tried everything you can.  There is no shame for accepting defeat.

You need to know that if there is one successful person, there will be 99 who failed.  Not everyone can be successful and not everyone can win the lottery.  There is a lesson in every failure, so use some time to think why you failed.  It will let you understand yourself more and be ready to accept who you are.

If you can logically analyse why you failed, you will have a higher chance to succeed.  You will have more peace when you understand and accept who you are.

Life is not about success

I don’t know if you know this or not – Life is not about success.  We do not born into this world to make ourselves successful.  If you have this as your goal, then you are fooling yourself.  Success has no meaning in itself and the feeling of success is temporary.

I give you an example.  Tom has just won the tennis championship and become the No. 1 ranking player in the world.  How long can he keep it up and be Number One?   One day, someone will beat him – that is for sure. This also is the cycles of life, what goes up must come down.

This is not to tell you that we don’t need to work hard, or we don’t want to be successful.  The essence is to try our best and be the best that we can be.  If we can be No. 1 in the world, then happily accept it.  If we cannot be successful, also happily accept it.  As long as we have tried our best, we have no regret. We have gained the experience and learnt the lesson of life and understand who we are.

When we understand ourselves, we understand life.


Life Is About Experiences

We come to this world to experience:-

  • the feeling of love
  • to enjoy the beauty of nature
  • to learn life’s purpose
  • to do what we love to do
  • enjoy the fruit of our work
  • to be the best that we can be
  • to promote kindness of mankind

It is all about experiences.  It could be happiness or sadness, joy or sorrow, success or failure.  We can enjoy life every step of the way.

I come here to experience life, so I loved to learn whatever I can.  See everything that I wanted to see.  I do not complain about anything and also, hard work doesn’t border me.

I believed that when you understand the purpose of life, you will be a happier person.  For you no longer chasing after meaningless things, no longer feel upset when things don’t go your way.

There are few websites on the internet.  “100 Things to do before you die.”  Go and have a look and see what these things are.  You should spend some time and come up with your own list. Experience life as much as you can and I am sure you will not regret it.

I have told you before, one of the most common regrets that people has before they died is they have done close to nothing in their life. By the time they realize it, it is already too late.

So take my advice, go experience life.

Have fun.



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