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Today, I want to share with you a motivational movie.  It is about a girl (Liz Murray) who became homeless and, later on, she managed to enter Harvard University.  I hope this movie can motivate you to achieve your goals in life.

This is a true story.  You can find more information about Liz on the internet.

Some people believed that one can be successful no matter what are the circumstances. I will share some thoughts with you.

I love movies and I have learned a lot of things from watching movies.  After the movie, I like to analyze what lessons can be learned from it.  Unlike some people who see a movie just as a form of entertainment.  In fact, movies are a great educational tool and a lot can be learned by watching movies.

The key is you need to stop and think about what is the lesson being taught, also be ready to change your life and behavior when the lesson is learned.  Learning something and not practice is a total waste of time.

How come she can do it?

This was the first question I asked after watching this movie.  There are two factors working for her.  The first one is she is smart.  If she has only the average intelligent; she wouldn’t succeed any matter how hard she worked.  Doing four years of studies in two is impossible for an average person.

The second factor is she was lucky.  She was lucky to meet a clever teacher (David) who was willing to help her.  Imagine if she met a dumb teacher.

Hard working and luck are the most important elements in any success stories.  I believe luck will come if you try hard enough.  Most often people give up too early without really trying.

If there is anything you want to achieve, just go and do it.  Giving yourself excuses is stupid.  I always believe that it worth the effort even if you failed.  Because you would have learned something from the experience; the knowledge that you gain will make you a better person.  Also, your second attempt at anything will be easier than the first time.  There are countless examples of people who were successful after many, many failures.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”   and  “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. ” –  Thomas A. Edison

Breaking Night


Here is a book written by Liz Murray.

Breaking Night:  A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard.  –  It is a story about hardship, strength, and determination to success.

Amazon: $12.03  click here to buy


Most often we choose the easy option.

  • It is always easier to not do anything than work hard to achieve your dream.
  • It is always easier to keep eating than to keep a healthy diet.
  • It is always easier to keep smoking than to quit smoking.
  • It is always easier to sit and watch TV than to do exercise.

Stop and think method

When we are faced with problems and challenges.  It is always good to stop and think.  Remove yourself from the emotions arise with the problem, you will be able to understand better the situation.

One of the methods you can use is to step back.  Pretend that it is not your problem, so you can remove your emotions.  Then you will be able to tackle the problem with a logical mind.  It is because emotions cloud our judgment.

This method can be used to learning as well.  If you want to understand the world and its people, you need to step away from this world.  Imagine you are looking at the world as an alien, you will be able to see the absurdity of mankind.  You will be able to understand why we do silly things.

You can use this method to solve any other problems that you might have.  I have used this method to learn many things.

The worst scenario method

This method needs you to think about what will be the result if the worst is to happen.  When you know beforehand what might come will prepare you emotionally and it will be easier for you to deal with the problem.

Most people scared of the unknown more than something they know.  When we know what will come next and we can be better prepared.  This method has helped me deal with difficult situation in the past.

Pro and Con analysis

This method is very simple.  You just list out all the pros and cons of the action you are going to take.  This is a tool you can use when faced with an uncertain decision; which path you have to take.  Like buying a house, which school to enter or should you get married.


My view on the Liz Murray story

I like success stories.  There are many people in this world who were able to lift themselves out of the rug.  Normally through perseverance and hard work, sometimes luck.  Like I said before, action brings luck.  If you do nothing, nothing will change. 

Normally, we only heard stories of success.  There are countless people who failed and their stories are never mentioned.  Out of one success, there are 99 failures.  It is because success is rare, so it worth to tell the story behind it.

Some people called it fate.  But don’t let fate decide your fate, and keep you from taking any action.  Life is a journey and experiences.  It is more fun to have upsets, failures and heart breaks than nothing.  So embark your journey and have fun.

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