New World Order

I am not sure if you have heard of this term “New World Order”.  I came across this term few months ago when I was watching some Youtube videos on the internet.  I have written about it previously – Interesting World.

This is an agenda of a group of people called “Illuminati”.  The purpose of the Illuminati is to rule the world.

Afterwards, I spend a lot of time looking for more information to find out who they are.  That is one of the reasons why I have not written any articles for a couple of months.  The other reason was – I was lazy.

This is a very interesting subject for me.  I wanted to find out why there are so many horrible problems in our world.  These problems are mostly man-made.  As a human race, we are able to solve these problems if we really wanted to, like wars, famine and pollution.  Why are we not doing it?

Instead of solving these problems, we create more problems every single day.  WHY?

Ask and You will be given.

The first thing I found out is – All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars  (Here is a very interesting Youtube video I found)

How do you feel after watching this video?

I can tell you this is not a “conspiracy theory”.  This is true.

Have you ever wonder – why do we need to pay income tax?  Where did all the money go?  They told you that the tax we paid will go towards improving the country you live in.  Like health care, police, defence, roads and infrastructure.  In fact, all these services should be free.  (You might not agree with me now, but I will show you some more videos later which will prove my point.)

Also, have you ever wonder – why do we need to pay interest when borrowing money from the bank?  The reason is the banks do not belong to our own government, which is totally absurd.  We have been robbed and enslaved by these privately owned banks which are owned by England.  (The interest sometimes equal to the same amount we borrowed, or more when interest rate is high.)

Have you ever wonder – why do we need to pay to buy a piece of land to build our house on?  The land should belong to the people.  It should be free.

Here is another interesting video you need to see in order to understand more where the problem arises.

We are ruled by the Emperor of England.  Now America is under the total control of England.  The Illuminati is England.

They go around the world and topple any government so they can put their bank in the country.  They don’t care how many people are killed or how many people will suffer.  They will take all the resources of a country for themselves.  They are sinful.

You don’t have to believe what I am telling you.  There are lots of Youtube videos on the internet which talks about it.  One of the prominent couple – Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche who’s mission is to bring this message to us.


The LaRouche Movement 

The movement promotes a revival of classical art and a greater commitment to science; advocates the development of major economic infrastructure projects on a global scale; and calls for a reform of the world financial system to encourage investment in the physical economy and suppress financial speculation. (

To find the Youtube videos, just Google – “Lyndon LaRouche” and you will be able to see all his videos.

Seems like I always talked about doom and gloom, but there is hope for the future.  Even though this possibility of a financial collapse of our world economy or World War III.  There is hope for us.

There are people who are trying to get us out of this mess.  Here is a good video by Helga.  The New Silk Road is Transforming the Planet: A New Era of Mankind.


The hope is coming from the unexpected sources, Russia and China. The former communist countries.   We were told communists are the bad guys.   Capitalists are the good guys.  A total surprise to me.

The people who loves money cannot see the great opportunities ahead of them.  Instead of focus on making money, think of all the new possibilities which they will be missing in the brave new world.  New technologies, space exploration and a rich, peaceful and wonderful world where everyone will lives in peace and harmony.

You can rob the poor, but there is not much you can get.  If you make the poor people rich, do you know how much more money you can make out of them?  I feel sorry for their little brain which cannot understand this simple logic.

I hope you enjoy this article.

Signing off



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