Meaningful Pursues

My dear readers, do not set “making money” as your life goal.  The purpose of making money is just to put food on the table and have money to be able to live comfortably.  When you have achieved it, continuing to pursue money is meaningless.  There are other more meaningful pursues. (Note: my other article talks about the benefit of being poor.  Click here to view.)

You should make use of your time to do other more meaningful things.  I used to ask questions before I give you the answer.  This time, I will make an exception; I will tell you what it is right

These are three very meaningful things that you can pursue.  They are Truth, Kindness and Beauty.  You might say that these things are nothing special, why is it worth pursuing?

The meaning behind these words is deeper than you think.


The truth is everything that is true in essence.

They are:

  • do not tell lies – if you have to tell a little white lie, that is okay.  Like telling your fifty years’ partner that she is beautiful.  Or telling your son that he is smart when he comes home with a bad school report.
  • be genuine in everything that you do, that is “be yourself”-  don’t pretend to be someone that you are not.  Be truthful to yourself and to others.
  • when you are learning, don’t stop before you get the real answer. Also don’t pretend you understand when you are not.

I know many people are too lazy to learn.  When they don’t understand something. Instead of trying hard to study it, they will just give up – that is not getting to the truth.

There is one sentence I hate most,  that is “Agree to disagree”.

When someone is discussing something with you.  If you think it is wrong, you tell him what you think and give him the facts and your argument.  Tell him why you think it is wrong.  If you don’t know or you cannot prove him wrong, don’t said, “I agree to disagree.”  It is not getting to the truth.  If you behave this way, you will never learn what the truth is. (When you cannot prove him wrong; most probably he is correct.)

There is no shame to admit you don’t know.  Nobody knows everything in this world, and no one will say you are stupid because you don’t know (except a five-year-old child. That is why children are so adorable).  For me, I throw away my pride when it comes to learning.  Teach me, I am always ready for new knowledge – don’t tell me things that I already know.  Knowledge is truth.  So pursuing knowledge is pursuing truth.

The next one is kindness.  Be kind to one another; treat everyone else as your brothers and sisters.  Wouldn’t it be lovely when everyone can do that?  We would definitely have a better society and a better world.

Learn to be kind, not cruel.

You know one of the most stupid things that human do is war.  It is meaningless.  What do you achieve when you conquered the world?  History has told us that no one has ever succeed, even the most famous Genghis Khan.  He conquered the whole of Europe and most of Asia.  What happened at the end?  Mongolia hadn’t became a great nation!  He spent his whole life fighting and conquering, and at the end – nothing.

The best way to settle a dispute is to sit down and talk.  Fighting could never solve any problem but to make it worst.  Like America’s entered into Iraq, see what happened now.  Iraq is a mess and they are fighting a civil war – I see no end to it.  They might keep fighting for the next hundred years.

So learn to be kind and you become wiser.  There is a quote, “Words are sharper than knives.”

It is very simple.  When you force someone to do something for you, they will rebel.  When you are kind to someone, and you ask them to do something, they will do it willingly.  At the end you will get a better result.

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The last one worth pursuing is a beauty.

You might say, “I know that.  Everyone loves beautiful things. You don’t have to tell us and we are already pursuing beauty.”

Yes, I know.  When we go to the supermarket, we always pick the better looking apple.  Is beauty only skin deep?

Give you an example.  If you have married a beautiful wife.  You will get bored with her after a few years if she has no other qualities.  Your interest in her will slowly fade away.  This kind of beauty never last.

The true beauty of a person is on the inside.  If you have married a wife who has true beauty inside, I am sure you will never get bored with her.  Someone who has spirit and soul.  She doesn’t has to put on makeup to be beautiful.

I am not sure if you have this experience.  When you looked into someone eyes, you can see their beauty.  Not everyone has it, only those who has inner beauty and a spirited soul.  I have seen it and it was the most amazing experience I ever had.  There is a song “Your eyes don’t lie.”

We can find beauty in art, music and sport.  We can find it in a person and we can also find it in nature.  When there are beauty in you and you see beauty all around you.  So, if you wants to live in a beautiful world, put more beauty inside of you.  You will be more beautiful when you pursue and live in truth and kindness.

I highly recommend you make these three pursue as your goals.

Signing off


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