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It is very hard to find jobs nowadays, especially if you are living in western countries.   Looking for jobs is an impossible task for some.  I would like to give you some advice if you are currently looking for work.

Looking for work is one of the most stressful experiences beside marriage.  I had been made redundant a few times before, so I understand how difficult it can be.

Before I give you my suggestions, I would like to show you a Youtube video.

This is ashamed that such an educated and nice mannered man cannot find work.  We want to know, what happened to our society?

The answer to this question is very simple.  The rich are ripping off the poor.  Instead of hiring reasonable number of staff, they hire one person to do two person’s job – or even three.  That is why the number of jobs are much less today than before.

These we called business people want to make as much profit as possible.  Hiring one person to do two jobs is one of the best ways to maximise profit.  In the company I work, every year, they would increase the sale budget by 10%, but they would not increase the number of staff and our salary.  What a clever plan!


Your brain is the most powerful resource that you have, learn to use it.

Besides working more than we needed to, our pay was less than what they used to be.  I have compiled the minimum hourly rates for some of the western countries.  The numbers are in US dollars.

Minimum Hourly Wages

  1. Denmark –  20
  2. Australia – 16.87
  3. Luxembourg – 14.24
  4. Monaco – 12.83
  5. France – 12.22
  6. Belgium – 11.69
  7. New Zealand 11.59
  8. Ireland – 11.09
  9. Netherlands – 11.06
  10. United Kingdom – 10.32
  11. Germany – 10.90
  12. Canada – 10
  13. United States – 7.25
  14. Greece – 5.06

You can see that United States is the worst except Greece.

They have a new term in America called “working poor”.  Below is another video I want to share with you, which will show you that the number of poor people are increasing in America.  More and more people live below poverty line.

It is not that they are not hard working, but their pay are just ridiculously low.  How would someone afford to pay their rent and put food on the table?

Instead of helping the poor, America would spend trillions of dollars in war.  Also they would spend millions of dollars in foreign aids.  Why don’t they help their own people first?  It is like a parent who would give food to other children, but not their own – ridiculous, isn’t it?

I laughed when they said they want to get rid of poverty.  The richest country has the highest number of homeless people, what a joke!

What can you do?

The first option is to leave the country.  You can see in my list, many other countries pay a higher minimum wage.  You will be able to make a decent living if you are hard working.  I know you love your country, but your country has failed you miserably.  They don’t treat you as a human being, why do you still want to stay there?  Also, these other countries have a better social welfare and taxation system.

There are many Asian countries which are doing quite well economically, like China and India.  You should be able to find jobs in these countries, especially if you have a degree or skill.  You have many countries to choose from, have an open mind.  Do your research and you should be able to find somewhere you like.

If you still want to stay in America, you can move to other states where you can find jobs.  Or otherwise move out of town to the farms where you can find work.  You can start with a low pay job which you can learn a new skill, then after you have the skill you will be paid more.

The other alternative which many people don’t consider – start your own business.   You can group with other unemployed people and start a small business.  Perhaps just to make a few dollars more as a second income.  Here are some suggestions.

  • car wash
  • laundry and ironing service
  • house cleaning service
  • pet washing
  • house painting

Think about what skills you have and what you can do.   Work as a group will give you more power and resources.  You need to understand the power of a group.

Why are you in this situation?

Ask yourself why you are in this situation.  It is because the world has been changing right in front of your eyes and you don’t noticed.  In the good old days when you graduate from college and you can get a job easily.  Time has changed, education doesn’t guarantee employment.  That is why the guy has two college degrees and cannot find job.

The other reason I want to tell you is you need to prepare for your children.  They need to learn some skills while they are still young – skills that employers want.  Computer, communications, problem-solving, teamwork, planning, organizing, interpersonal, leadership and management skills.  Or technical skills like carpentry, cooking, hair dressing, craft and so on.  The more skills they have and the more employable they will be.

The reason is simple; everyone has a degree, perhaps two, nowadays.  There is lots of competition when you are trying to get a job.  Tell your kids that they should think about starting they own business rather than working for someone.  At least the power is in your hand when you are self-employed.

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You need to learn to be creative.  It is the most important thing when it comes to solving problem.  If you don’t know what it is, it is now time to use your brain.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook.

I wish you all the best.  Before you go, please leave me a comment.

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