Live A Soulful Life

If you believed that we have a soul, then you should be living a life which is good for your soul.  I will explain later what does live a soulful life means.  If you are not too convinced that we have a soul.  Following is a Youtube video which shows you souls do exists.

What do you think?

This is not an isolated case, there are many more evident and cases throughout the history of mankind which proved that we have souls.

Besides evident, many people say they can achieve out of body experience through practice.  They called it “Energy Body” – we have a physical body and an energy body.  I believed energy body and soul are the same things.  Our energy body can travel anywhere and anytime as we would like.  If you want to learn how to get an out of body experience, there are lots of materials online.  I am learning how to do this and I will report to you where I am successful.  Imagine how wonderful it will be, to be able to travel through space and time.


Never mind if we can achieve out of body experiences or not.  We should live our life which is good for our souls.  When we died, our souls will be able to live on.  Our souls enter a human body, the main purpose is to have an experience.  It gives us a chance to learn “what is love” and also learn “how to love”.  We all know that when we died we cannot take any material things with us, but we can take the experience with us.

Some believed that our souls die with our body if we don’t live a soulful life. It is very logical.  When you don’t know that you have a soul – you lost it.  To make this argument clear, I will give you an example.  You have a hammer in your garage, but you don’t know you have it.  When your neighbour come and ask “Hi, could I borrow a hammer from you?”  You would tell him you don’t have a hammer.

When you don’t know you have a soul, it is same as you don’t have one – even if you have.

Why is love so important?

If you have seen love before, you should know how beautiful and fulfilling you felt when you love someone.  You are born because your parents love one another.  People who have no love lives an empty life.

How to live a soulful life?

  1. Know that materials are not important – you will become a happier person when you see material things as unimportant.  Your life will be more peaceful and joyful.
  2. Develop your soul.  In order to develop your soul, you have to have more knowledge.  The kind of knowledge I mean are wisdom and character.  Be an honest, respectful, happy, generous and helpful person.
  3. Learn meditation.  Only through meditation, you learn of the existence of your soul.  You learn how to quiet your mind and gain inner peace.  Ones who don’t have inner peace don’t know what is true love.
  4. Maintain a healthy body.  A healthy body promote a healthy mind, also a healthy soul.  To maintain a healthy body, do exercise regularly and also eat healthy food.  Eat more vegetables and less meat.  Eat only up to 70% full each meal.
  5. Understand what is work.  Do not hate work and crave pleasure.  See work as a contribution to society.  Only parasites live off the contribution of others.


There are other benefits to live a soulful life.  Our souls have special powers, like clairvoyance, clairaudience and other psychic abilities.  Only through living a soulful life then we would be able to gain these abilities.

If you want to live a truly happy life, learn how to live soulfully.



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