Life Is Experience

Recently, I was running out of ideas to write a new story.

“What do I want to write?” I asked myself.  I don’t have an answer.

Today, I met a man who worked for a university for 35 years.  He is going to retire in a couple of weeks.

“Do you have a plan when you retired?  What would you do with your free time?” I asked him.

“I don’t have a plan,” he looked at me in a funny way as if I asked him a silly question.

“You would be sitting at home doing nothing!” I told him. “If you don’t have a plan.”

I then told him why he needs a plan.  Every successful business men have a plan, so as every successful athlete and successful politicians.

Life is experience

“Not that I want you to achieve anything,” I told him frankly. “It is just the nature of human being. We want to be lazy most of the time.  Some people never did anything in their lifetime.”   I paused for a few seconds and looked him in his eyes. “Do you know what is the most common regret when we die?”

He looked at me, he was puzzled.  He didn’t know the answer and he didn’t know why I asked him either.

“The most common regret is one has not done anything,” I said.  “They have wasted their lives.” I think I have said this before, I like to talk about this again.

Then I explained to him life is experience.  No matter what you do, or what you have achieved or failed.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you have done something, experience something – good or bad.

He realized what I told him and he knew if we have done nothing, we wasted our lives. “I will make a plan.”  He said, nodding his head.

My dear readers.  Do you know what we are supposed to do here on earth?

Just to live our life, eat, work, sleep and enjoy ourselves once a while.  Is that it?  Or is there more to life than that?

I would like you to pause for a few minutes and think about this question before you continue reading the rest of this article……..

Now you have done your thinking.  What is your answer?  (Please leave your answer below in the comment area.  I love to know.)

If our lives are consists of just work, eat, sleep then we are no different from animals.

The different between animal and human is we have a brain. (Animals have brains too, but they don’t use it the way we do.) We need more than just that.  Our brain is for us to understand this world, also ourselves.  I know a lot of us have never used their brain in this area. That is the reason why we have criminals who hurt others and try to get what they want.  That is why we have dictators who suppress and abuse their people.  Their brains are so small that they don’t even know what they are doing.  They don’t understand what life means.

Authors use some interesting words to describe an enriched life.  Words like colorful, meaningful, joyful, wonderful, fabulous, incredible and so on. Would you want to use one of these words to describe your life?  Or you want to use other words like boring, mundane, dull, uninteresting and meaningless?

I have heard someone said, “Life is by design.”

“What does it mean?” I wondered……………  I was joking.

Life is by design

“How do we design our life?” I heard you asked.

“Just bloody design it,” I shouted.  Why am I so rude?  I don’t know, just feel like saying it. Ha ha.

It is not too difficult.  Go get a small notebook and write down all the things that you wanted to do (or try, if you have never done it before).

Here are some suggestions for your list of things to do.

  • visit 5 countries in 5 years.
  • make 10 new friends in 2 years.
  • learn to draw
  • learn to play the piano
  • learn how to build websites
  • start a new business
  • go do unpaid community work
  • join a social club
  • learn to dance
  • do one thing you are scared to do
  • ask the girl you like for a date (or ask her to marry you if you have guts)

I am sure you can create a long list.

You have to do the things on your list, one by one.  You don’t have to force yourself, there is no time limit.  Take small steps and do not be afraid.

When you start to do these things you like to try, you life will become more interesting, you will have more fun, more friends and more of everything.

Then one day, you come and yell at me. “Hey, MisterWailor.  Look what bloody trouble you got me into. I followed your advice and now I am in deep shit!”

“Good for you,” I replied. “You will learn something when you dig yourself out of this shit.  Your life will be different from before.”

Here is a good video you will enjoy and I hope you can learn something from it.

Here is the book you can get from Amazon.

Let me wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do.




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