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Everyone wants to make money online, but do you know what is the correct way?  Do you like to learn how to make money online – the correct way?  I want to tell you something you might not know.ss

You have been working hard all your life.  You desired a comfortable lifestyle.  You dreamed of that big mansion where you could have a study, swimming pool, and a beautiful garden.

In your dream, you threw a big party every week like Mr. Gatsby.  All your friends would come and enjoy themselves with celebrities as your guests.  In your party, food keeps coming and an unlimited supply of champagne.

In reality, you struggle to make a living.  You earn a minimum wage which is just enough for the food and rent; not much left over at the end of the week.  Your bank balance is close to zero.

You are not happy and nothing seems to go your way.  At home, you have a constant argument with your partner.  Every little thing irritates you.  You hate your partner for he/she isn’t trying hard enough.  They are same as you, a low wage worker.  The only difference is you have a dream, he/she doesn’t.

scam alert


You are constantly in search of ways that you could make more money.  You buy lotto tickets every week but never won anything substantial.  You brought all the inspirational books and investment books available.

You search on the internet and you joined every program that promised you:

  • easy to follow, 5 steps to riches
  • you can make hundreds in minutes
  • make money online – secret reveal
  • we will train you to be successful, money back guarantee

You joined with high hope and enthusiasm.  Instead, they scammed thousands of dollars from your pocket and leave you devastated and despaired.

“I am not going to give up.  I have the courage and I won’t be beaten so easily,”  you told yourself and you press on.

After a while, you have learned your lesson.  You become smarter.  Now if someone offers you a way to make money.  You become skeptical and you are careful in making any decision.  Your dream for that easy money is scattered.  You have learned – making money is not easy.

One day, I was having lunch with my friend.

“How can I make some money?” he suddenly asked me a question out of the blue.

I thought for a moment. “You can stop going out for lunch,” I replied. “You can save up $10 a day.  Then every month you will save around $250 dollars.  Then you can invest the money into shares.”

“Is there a better way than this?” he asked.

I looked at him.  “If I know an easy way to make money.  I would have already done that,” I replied jokingly.  “Why would I tell you?”

I know what he was thinking at that moment.  He doesn’t want to work hard and he doesn’t want to change his lifestyle.  He wants to make money the easy way.  There is a saying.

Doing the Same Old Things & Expecting Different Results


The reason that you have been scammed so many times is because you are looking for that “easy money”.  The scammers are very clever, they know most people are lazy – they know what to say that will strike a cord with your heart’s desire.

“MisterWailor.  What are you trying to tell me?” you asked.

You are ruining your life.  Why are you spending so much time and effort in trying to make more money?  (Please refer to my other article – Meaningful Pursues)

Cell Phones

You are making yourself unhappy.  I am not saying you shouldn’t make more money.  It is okay to do that, but do not let it become an obsession.  (Like you put a bucket list on the wall to remind yourself that nice car and nice house that you wanted.  You look at it few times a day and you try to program your subconscious – you learned it in those books.)

Do  not let let it become your lifelong goal.  Otherwise, you set yourself a path to despair.  Can you tell me how many people will be able to be successful by doing that?  I want you to use your brain to think over it.

You want to make money, you should do it in a light-hearted way, leisurely way and make it fun.  Tell yourself that if you cannot be successful, it is okay and you are happy.  Learn to enjoy life even if you are poor.  Learn other things, not just making money.  Love your family and your partner.  (Please refer to my other article – Chose To Be Poor)

Those inspirational books tell you that you need to have a goal, think big and it is good to have a dream.  I am telling you that they are all wrong.  What you should put on your wall is a picture of all your families and friends.  That is your treasure.

Be a fun, happy and loving person.  We need more people like this in our world.

What kind of world would we have when everyone loves money?

Signing off


Before you go. I offer you an opportunity to make some new friends.  Have fun and learn something new – building website and more.  Learn how to make money online, the correct way.  You will have to work very hard to be successful.  I would not even promise you that you will make money.  I can promise you that it is not a scam.

This is the place where I learn how to build website.  I am doing this for fun and I don’t focus on the money.  You will be surprise that how nice these people are.  Joining and trying out is free. If you are interested, click here to join.



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