Is Anime Good For Kids

Japanese anime is very popular today and has more followers than the American Cartoon.  What is the reason why?  Is anime good for kids?  Before I answer this question.  I want to tell you why I wrote this

I have recently joined Tsu.  Tsu is a social network which is the same with Facebook, the main difference is you get paid for posting and socializing.  I will give you the details later.

I met a girl online, her name is Nagi.  She posted some amazing drawing which she drew herself.  I was very impressed with her drawing.  I asked her if she can draw me one with Sword Art Online (one of the most popular anime at the moment).  Sword Art Online is one of my favorite anime.  Here is her drawing below.

Japanese anime - Sword Art Online

What do you think?   Sword Art Online – Kirito and Asuna 

I want to thank her for the picture she drew for me, and at the same time, I want to tell you something about anime.  Also, I want to tell you a little bit about the Japanese culture and people.

I was always a fan of cartoon and anime since I was a small child.  Both are very popular at where I came from.  In those days, we don’t have anime, we have manga.  My brother and I used to buy a manga magazine once a week with the lunch money we saved up.

My brother learned how to draw following the manga, and I learned the meaning of the stories.

If you have been to Japan, you will know the friendliness of the people.  They are kind, generous and righteous.  Of course, there are bad people in any country, but Japanese is one of the safest countries in this world.  If you don’t believe me, you can search on the internet for the crime rate in the world.

I have been to Japan a few times myself, so I have first-hand experiences of how good the people are.  If you need help, they would go out of their way to help you.  If you have been to a Japanese home, they will make you feel like you are the most important person in this world.

Their culture reflects in their anime.  I have seen many anime and manga.  Here are some of the common good human characters they promote in their anime.

  • bravery
  • kindness
  • consideration for others
  • generosity
  • courage
  • manner
  • honesty
  • not easily give up
  • imagination

There are other ones, but these are the main ones which you will find in most of the anime.  Isn’t these are some of the most valuable characters that a person should have?  No wonder they have such a friendly and good society.

I was so intrigued with their anime because of it.   They are so imaginative that they stretch your imagination so far that you would forget about anything else.  Not to mention the nice artistic drawing.  I learned how to be a good person from these anime and manga.

If your kid loves these anime.  They will learn all these good virtues.  Wouldn’t you like your children to have all these good characters?  Would you want them to respect and be considerate to other people?

Don’t take my word for it.  I suggest you watch one with you children together and see what you think about it.  By the way, most of them are quite funny as well.

Light in the box - gifts


Here are some of the best ones I recommend.

  • Sword Art Online
  • Naruto
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Nausicaa of  the Valley of the Wind
  • Spirited Away
  • Laputa – Castle in the Sky
  • Princess Mononoke

Japanese are good at other things as well.  The famous one are Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Origami (Paper folding art), Bonsai (miniature pot plant), Kimono (Japanese clothing).  These are all amazing arts and I love them all.

They promote a community culture rather than self, which is very different from other western culture.  Nowadays, some of the good characters are hardly teach in our western culture.  I personally feel quite strongly that they should be taught in school; which they do in Japan.

Forgot to tell you where you can watch these anime.  I personally use a website called  You can join as a member or you can also watch for free.  The different is there are some annoying advertisements if you can put up with them.

Tsu – the new Social Network

Now I tell you something about Tsu.  It is a new social network which has been up for just over a month, but it has more than 1 million members already.  Like I said earlier, you can make money on it.  The reason is they share their advertising earning with the members.  They will keep 10% of the advertising earnings, and they will distribute the other 90% to their members.

You would not be rich by joining tsu, but you can sure make a few dollars a day.   You just do your normal socializing as in other social networks.  The more people you connect to, the more your post and you will make more money.  You can cash out when you earn $100.

I believed it would not be long that tsu will overtake Facebook as the number one social network.  Joining is free, but you need an invitation to join.  Here are my invitations.

You can choose to join Nagi’s network – Click here.

Tsu – My own experience

I have joined Tsu for a few week.  Now I have over 1000 friends and over 1000 followers, just after such a short time.  People are more friendly than another social network such as Google+ and Facebook.  They are more willing to be friend with you, I think it is because of they will earn more money if they have more friends.

This is great; I can connect with more people easily.  The other good part about Tsu is they have a private messaging system which other social networks don’t have.  I can message anyone I like as long as they have enabled to receive the message.  I got quite a few referral for my network this way.  The only drawback is you can only send 4-5 messages in an hour.

I posted some links and promotion for my business and Tsu are fine with it.  Unlike Facebook and Google+, they don’t like you posting links.  They send me warnings to tell me not to do that.  I have my account suspended indefinitely on Google+, now I cannot use it anymore.  Never mind, I don’t like Google+ anyway.

Overall my experience with Tsu is very positive and I enjoy my time socializing on it.

I hope you have fun watching the anime.

Signing off





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