How To Live a Stress-Free Life

Do you find life very stressful?  You are not alone, most people do.  This modern society of ours has been changing.  People used to be more relax in the past.  They don’t often talk about efficiency and productivity.  Nowadays, life becomes very fast paced.  It is essential to learn how to live a stress-free life.  If you don’t want to die early or you don’t want to get sick because of

So where does stress come from?  Why do we feel stress?Music Collectibles

Stress is a mental or emotional tension which is result from some adverse or demanding situations.  Basically, when we dislike something to a certain degree and it is out of our control to change the circumstances, we will develop stress.

So what are these demanding situations?

Here are some examples:

  • your boss is giving you too many jobs, more than you can handle – you don’t want to tell him you cannot do it because you are aiming for that promotion you wanted badly.
  • You want to keep the house tidy, but your husband and kids keep messing it up.  You shouted and yelled at them, but they don’t listen.
  • You have a lot of debt, but you don’t know how to make more money – you keep thinking about it, but you could not come up with anything.

There are lots and lots of situations which give us stress.  I am sure you have encountered certain stressful situations.

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How could we relieve stress?  There are many tips you can find on the internet, examples are:

  • listen to music
  • do exercise
  • minimize your contact with people who cause you stress
  • practice meditation
  • have a healthy diet
  • talk to someone about your situation
  • take a vacation to forget about the stressful situation

These are only some of the tips and I don’t want to list them out.  You can go and look it up.

The truth is these methods could only alleviate your stress.  They could not remove the stress from you because they are not addressing the cause.  You have to know why you feel stress.

Why we feel stressful?

It is caused by something, someone or situation that we don’t like.  Why don’t we like these situations?

To understand the source of the stress, you have to analyse it.  When you feel stress, the first thing you ask yourself is why you don’t like it?  Please refer back to the examples above.

  • Is it because you are lazy, and you don’t like the extra work that your boss gave you?
  • You are a perfectionist and you don’t like the house to be messy?
  • You don’t want to be poor and you are too lazy to work harder or just complaining and no real action?

Once we know the cause, we need to work on our mindset. We need to disconnect ourselves emotionally from it.  Remove the like and dislike from our mind and from our vocabulary.  The key doesn’t label it and just live life as nothing has happened.

I will give you an example.  My friend rang me the other day, he says he was not very happy that he cannot sleep well lately.  He wants to have a nice sleep and he is not happy when he cannot sleep well, he feels stress.

I tell you what.  I have not had a good sleep for a very long time, but I never feel unhappy about it.  It doesn’t bother me at all, and that is why I don’t feel stress or unhappy.  Therefore, if you want to release yourself from the stressful situation.  You have to work on your mindset, and remove your emotion from it.  For the more you focus on your dislike and it will get worst.

You tell yourself, “Okay, it is just more work and it will not kill me.  It gives me a chance to improve myself and also to prove that I am an efficient and capable worker.  I might be able to get that promotion if I could do this.”

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You turned what you thought of as a bad situation into a good situation.  When you are happy, you will work better and faster.  The most important point has you have removed the stress.

Same as the housewife at home.  Just tell yourself, “It is not bad, it is just a bit untidy.  As long as my husband and kids are healthy and happy.  I am happy.”  No more stress for you.  When you are not stressful, might be you can come up with a creative way to get your husband and kids to keep the house tidy.  Use your imagination; it is the most powerful tool that we have.

Tell you a little story of mind.  In one of my previous job, there was a co-worker of mine and he always pick on me.  I found him very annoying and it made me very stressful.  I cannot quit my job to avoid not seeing him.  I came up with a brilliant solution.

Instead of getting angry with him, I tried to see him as my good friend.  Once I did that, my attitude towards him obvious has change.  I am sure he sensed the change of attitude in me.  The result was he virtually became my good friend after a couple of months.  As a result, his attitude towards me has changed completely.  He became very nice to me and very considerate, he even gave me tickets to go to the movie.  We would hang out together after work.



 What kind of people is more prone to stress?

  • perfectionist
  • control freak
  • someone who values too much on responsibility

If you belong to one of these types.  You need to change your way of doing things.  Let go of some of the fault beliefs and relax a little.

  • Perfectionist – You need to understand that this world is not perfect and you don’t have to be perfect.
  • Control Freak – There are many things in this world you cannot control.
  • Responsible person – Many of the things are not your responsibilities.

The conclusion is when we are able to control our mind, we will be able to live a stress-free life.  We will be more loving and happier.

If you have any ideas on stress relieve, please leave me a comment below.

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