How do we live a balanced life? Before we can answer this question, we need to know what is a balanced life?

When you work too much and not enough rest, that is not balanced. When you eat too much meat and no vegetables, that is not balanced. When you sit down too much and no exercise, it is not balanced. Some people believed a balanced life involve success, getting what you want and that is not true. We don’t have to be successful to live a balanced life. A balanced life doesn’t mean getting what we want or making a lot of money.

In order to live a balanced life, we need to know there are different ingredients (now I am talking about cooking) in living. They are work life, home life, spiritual life and so on which involved our minds and bodies. As in cooking a good dish, it has to have nice smell, different colors and taste good with a balanced of meat and vegetables.

Let me show you what a balanced life is:-

  • We have music, art or craft
  • We have work and have time off to relax
  • We work and we play
  • We spend money and also save money
  • We spend time in door and also spend time outdoor
  • We don’t over-eat and we don’t starve ourselves
  • We reminisce our past and we plan our future
  • We go out with our friends and we look after our family
  • We love ourselves and we love others

I believed you now know what is balance.

Why do we need a balanced life?

When you have a balanced life, you will be happy, you will be healthy, you will be smart, you will be creative and you will not be lonely, stressful or tired.

Living is like painting a picture. What we paint on our picture depends on whatever we desired. Every activity you do is a color on your palette. The more you do, the more colorful your picture will be. It is our choice to paint a boring picture or a vibrant picture. Do you want to be a boring person?

I believed life is experience. We come to this world to experience life. To give our love to others and also to received love from others. Therefore, to live life to the full, we have to do as much as we can, to experience as much as we can. That’s why we love to travel and to see the world. We listen to the news and see what is happening in this world we live in.

Living a boring life is like eating in a restaurant where you are offered only couple of dishes. Eating the same thing day in, day out. You have choices, there are Italian, French, Chinese, American and Middle East restaurants, but why you want to go to the same place every single day?

How to live a balanced life?

You have to examine your life and see which part of your life is not balanced, then you have to set a plan how to change it gradually. For example, if you think you need more time with your family then change your daily routine to give them more time. If you think you spend too much time at work, then change it.

We need to know life is not just working and making money. Life is not just setting goals and be successful. Life is experience and also a journey. Enjoy every bit of the journey. The more things you do and experienced and you will have a more balanced and colorful life.


Mister Wailor


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