How to Cure Dementia – Unofficial Guide

(Disclaimer: This unofficial guide – how to cure dementia has no scientific or medical research backing or proof.  It is just my observation and logical reasoning that I think it might be the case.  It is intended for my readers enjoyment only.  I bear no responsibilities if you decided to follow this guide; success or failure.  MisterWailor)

Why do we have dementia?

It is because we are not using our brain.

Our body function required us to move and exercise every day.  If you lie in bed for 30 days without getting out of your bed and not moving your arms and legs.  You will not be able to walk and your legs will feel like jellies.  It will take time for you to get back your muscle strength.  (That is also why in the Bible – God told us to work six days and only rest one day.)


What does this tell us?

This tells us that our muscles need to move often to keep strong.  It is the same with our brain.  So if you were not using your brain, then after some time, you brain will lose its function.  Therefore, you will start to get dementia and it is also the reason why normally elder people have this disease.  I do not have scientific proof, but I believed it is true.

I have done some experiments on myself.

I loved reading, but since my English wasn’t good so I often have to look up words in the dictionary. Most of the time, I would forget the meaning of the word couple of minutes later.  Also, I like to think, but I found that I was not able to analyze situations or facts in a logical way.  It was vague and confusing for me.

I knew the problem, but I could not find out the root cause of the problem.  Hence, I could not solve the problem.  At that time, I didn’t know that it was my brain – it is not functioning well.



When my son was seven years old and he started piano.  In order to encourage and motivate him, also to keep him interested.  (You know how kids are like, they will start something and never finish.  They will give up easily when things start getting difficult). So in order to get him to continue learning piano.  I started to learn how to play piano by myself; so I could have sort of friendly competition with him.

At the age of forty-five.  I found it very hard, especially when I have to use both hands with each hand playing different notes.  Even though it was very hard, but I pressed on because I love piano music.  I was practicing a few hours everyday.  My wife used to tell me off because my son could not practice while I was on the piano.

Three months later, I was finally able to play with both hands together. Each hand playing a different notes.  I enjoyed it so much and I could play piano music up to medium level.

I have two observations. While I was practicing everyday, I notice that there was tension in my brain.  I ignored it at the time and I don’t know why.  Also, I started to realize my memory has improved.  I can remembered a whole sheet of piano music.  Also when I looked up a word in the dictionary, I could still remembered it two weeks later – as compare to two minutes before.

One day, by coincidence or by fate.  I brought a book in a bookshop –  “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge.

Norman Doidge was a brain researcher.  In his book he talked about how our brain functions and disproved the fact that, “we only use 10% of our brain”.  He also found a cure to stroke.  He used his father as a test subject after his father had a stroke.  He managed to help his father got back 80% of his mobility.

Baby Food

This book gave me the answer why my brain becomes better after learning piano.  It showed me why my memory and analytic skill has improved, and also how.  It explained why there was tension in my brain when I was learning piano – because it was doing re-wiring.

So, how does my experiment and this book has to do with dementia.  Like I said before, we have dementia because our brain is not exercising.  So to prevent or cure dementia, we have to exercise our brain.

The people who has dementia are usually those people who was less educated.  Those who like to follow a routine and those who don’t like learning new things.

How do we exercise our brain?

Here are few of my recommendations:

  • learn to play the piano (this is the best, but hardest)
  • learn how to write with you left hand ( that is if you are right handed)
  • play crosswords
  • learn a new skill from time to time
  • do things differently from time to time (do not schedule a routine)

That’s all for today, folks.

Signing off


book: the brain that changes itself


I would like to recommend this book to you since it is so good.  You can get it at Amazon.  Click on the book to buy.

The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science



Lorie · August 28, 2014 at 1:28 am

Hi, I am a WA member and was checking out your site. After checking out this book ‘look inside’ on amazon. It really looks interesting. I came across the topic of brain plasticity, and it is something I have been researching for my fibromyalgia site. This book is really something that will be very helpful to me. Thank you so much for the information. When I get a chance I will purchase it.

You seem like a very pleasant man. It was nice getting to know you.

    admin · August 28, 2014 at 6:53 am

    Hi Lorie,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. I am glad you found this book useful.

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