How To Be Smart

Everyone love to be smart, but do you know How To Be Smart?

Before you learn how to be smart, the first thing you need to know is “What is Smart?”  There are many difference ways to be smart.  I am going to let you know what are these different ways?  Most people are not smart in everything, they are just good in only one or two areas.


Life of a butterfly is so short, yet they are so beautiful.

1. Street Smart

I tried to find a definition of this term in Wikipedia, but nothing came up.  Many people do use this term to describe someone who knows the rule of the streets (or we called gangsters).  I know nothing much about them, and all I learned was from movies that I watched.  So I cannot comment on it.

It is not a good thing to join the gangs, so being street smart is rather undesirable.  I wouldn’t advise anyone to be street smart.

2. School Smart

To be school smart, you should be good at your studies.  You have to be a good student and you work hard.  You also need to know all the teachers and be friends with them.  The library could be the place that you hang out most with your friends.  It sounds very nerdy, but it is what it is.

Most kids believe that being nerdy or geeky is a bad thing, but you need to know a lot of nerdy people who are famous and cool, like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

Your goal is the pursuit of knowledge.  Besides that, you should know where everything is within the school.  Also, you need to know where to get help if you get stuck in your studies.  It is not an easy task to be school smart.

3. Financially Smart

To be financially smart, you need to know how money works.  If you don’t know how to make more money, at least, you should know how to save money.  There are things that you need to learn, like property investment or how to trade shares in the share market.

You definitely need to be good with simple mathematics, but you also need to know what is value for money.  Buying the cheapest doesn’t mean saving money.  Sometimes you lose money if you brought something which could not do the job.

You also need to keep up with current world events, because you understand marketing condition changes when there are significant things happens.  For example tsunami, war, drought and others.


4. Relationship Smart

You need to understand how our human relationship works.  How do you keep up the communication with your friends and relatives?  Most relationship smart people are people’s person, you like people.  You also want others to like you and you dislike upsetting others.

You should know our relationship is not a one-way street, and you don’t want to take advantage of other people.  Most relationship ends when others find out that you don’t really care about them – only yourself.

Being relationship smart will brings you many good friends and good relationships with your families.  How to interact with other people is an art form, and as long as you are not a selfish person and you genuinely care for others and you will do well.  But remember that you cannot always please others.

5. Health Smart

You understand the important of healthy food and exercise.  You always stay away from junk food and fast food restaurants.  It is difficult for some people who like and enjoy eating.  Eating too much or too little will certainly harm your body.  It has to be the right balance, but nowadays, people tend to over-eat.

It is extremely hard to be health-smart, it is a life choice.  There are so many temptations out there, all kinds of deliciously looking food.  How could you resist them?

I sometimes skip meals and I feel better when doing that.  Don’t eat until you feel the hunger is the best advice I could give you.  There are surveys which show that you will live a longer life if you only eat up to 70% or 80% full.


6. Life Smart

This is the most important of all.  To be smart with your life, it means that what are you going to do with your life.  Many people live day to day without a goal and without any meaning.  They don’t know what life really supposed to be.

You don’t want to waste your life time and find that you have don’t nothing just before you die.  So be smart and learn to be life smart.

Ask yourself this question – What does it means to be a human?

Some people said, “all I want from my life is when I leave, I want to make this world a better place than before I came.”

This is certainly a good thought.  Since everyone is different.  I will let you decide what you want to do and find your own meaning.  If you need help, you can leave me a comment and I will try my best to answer you.

I wish you a good day ahead.




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