How Do You Live Your Life?

Hello, my dear readers – I would prefer to call you brothers and sisters if you don’t mine.  I wanted to ask you how do you live your life?  If you want to keep quiet, that is fine with me.  If you like to answer my questions, you can leave me a comment.

My questions are:

  1. What is your life goal?
  2. What do you think is the most important thing in this world?
  3. Do you think there is a meaning of life?  If your answer is “yes”.  What is your meaning of life?


 How we live our life – a few examples.

Angela is married for ten years.  She has a son Dog and Cat SuppliesTaylor who is ten years old.  Her focus is on her family and she wants to give her husband and son the best.  She thinks what is the best for them.

What she think is important for her family:

  • A clean and tidy home
  • Nutritious meals
  • Her son doing well in school
  • Husband is healthy and has a good income

She thinks she is a very good wife and mother.  Their home is very tidy. She is a very good cook and the meals she prepares are very nutritious.  She always keeps monitoring her son’s homework and how he studies.  Her husband – she cannot control him.  She can only nag him to get a better paying job.

Life if almost perfect, except she wants a little bit more money.  She can do with a holiday overseas or spend some money to renovate their house.

◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊

Mark is married and he has two teenagers children.  The elder one Nancy is eighteen, and the younger one Joseph is sixteen.  His job is very stable, in fact, he has been working with the same company for the last twenty years.

His wife does a good job at home, and she take care of everything.  He doesn’t have to worry about anything.  They have been saving up money for their retirement.  When the children start working then they can relax.  He and his wife were thinking of a long trip around Australia.

Mark go and play golf every weekend while his wife goes to lawn bowling.  Mark thinks providing for his family is his first priority.  He believed he is a good father and a good husband.

Carol lives by herself.  She was divorced ten years ago because her husband had an affair with another woman.  Her children are all grown up and they have their own families.  She is living by herself.

She found a job as a receptionist in a small company.  Every day she goes to work and her life is very routine.  Once a while she will go and visit her sons and daughters.

She is now over fifty already and would not consider marrying again.  Her life is very routine.  Every day go to work and go home and relax.

A dream world

This a how most people live their life.  Routine and mundane.  Most of us do not have a life goal and have never thought about what is the meaning of life.

They just live.

Is there something wrong with living our life this way?

No, there is nothing wrong with living this way.  If you believe in statistics, majority mean normal.  You are absolutely normal, congratulation!

What I am trying to tell you is – instead of living a normal life.  You can live a life which is more meaningful and purposeful.

A meaningful and purposeful life

Before you can do that. First you have to find out what is the meaning of life.  Then you will be able to live a life with meaning.  You will have a dream to follow and your life will be purposeful.

I give you an example, as for Angela, Mark or Carol.  They can do something which is good for the society or the communities they live in; after they have finished all the chores at home.  After they have found out what the meaning of life is – which is love.  (You can refer to my other post – The search for the meaning of life.)

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What can they do to give their love?

I have a friend in New Zealand, his name is Jerry.  He does voluntary works and helps out new migrants to adapt in the society.  He would take them to the bank to open a new account, help the children to enrol in their new school or help them in any other ways.  Sometimes he will drop a couple of can food in Food Bank – it is a charity organisation which give food to the people in need.

He was a totally different man before he understood what is the meaning of life.  He was a miser. (sorry to say this Jerry, if you are reading this story – I hope you won’t mind.)  Money was the most important thing to him and he didn’t know what is love.

His life has changed, he is not a selfish person anymore.  He no longer focuses on money. (I don’t know what got into him and what made him changed.)  He is exploring a new life and he is now a much more interesting person.  A wonderful person indeed, I am proud to have a friend like him.

I would highly recommend anyone to follow Jerry’s example.  Reach out to others who need your help.  Give our love to the world and make our world a better place.

Signing off



Janice Bowles · August 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Hello Mister Wailor, From my perspective the meaning of life is to live joyfully and abundantly! (Abundantly doesn’t necessarily mean in monetary terms – after all nature is abundant and we can appreciate that). We are here to enjoy life experiences including the ups and the downs as part of personal growth and expansion.
When we care about how we feel and reach for feeling good as much as we can (but when we don’t that’s okay too) then life is relaxed and we have more to give from this perspective than any other.
When we feel good we walk down the street with a smile on our face. Another person sees it and smiles too. They go home and their child is upset but because they feel good they soothe the child calmly. The child feels better and in turn soothes their sibling… and so on.
The reach of feeling good is so powerful and it is a footprint that we have no idea we are laying, but life’s meaning is wonderful in that way 🙂

    MisterWailor · August 29, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Janice,
    Thanks for your in-depth comment. You are spot on with the abundant part which is not money. Feeling good about ourselves is only half of the equation. We need to help and make other people happy as well. I believed you have a understanding of the meaning of life and you are a very nice person.
    I wish you all the best.

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