Golden Buddha of Thailand

I have not been posting articles for a couple of weeks. I went to Thailand for a holiday and I have learned something on my trip.  Thailand is a modernised country similar to most western countries, but in some parts, it is still very undeveloped.  It has a very long and interesting history, it’s culture has a lot of Indian influence.

Around 95% of the population is Buddhist and you can see statues of Buddha everywhere.  Size from a few centimetres to tens of meters.  The longest Buddha statute being the Wat Pho (the sleeping Buddha) which is 46 meters in length and 15 meters high.

The Buddha statute which interested me most was the Sukhothai Traimit Golden Buddha.  The whole Buddha is made of solid gold which weighs 5.5 tons and value at 44 million dollars for just the gold itself.  It was built over 700 years ago.  When it was first made, it was covered with plaster and no one knew that it was made of solid gold inside.  Until 1955, someone wanted to move the statute to another temple and accidentally broken the plaster.

golden buddha

Golden Buddha of Thailand

Why was I interested in this Buddha?

It made me think of ourselves as a human being.  We might be made of gold inside, until one day we discover what we really are.  The noble human spirit which resides inside of us waiting to be found.

In Buddhism, it says that anyone can become a Buddha – as long as you study and refine your true spirit.  Including changing yourself and understand what is life’s purposes. Buddha cares for the suffering of all people.  Buddhism teaches people how to live a richer life with less.

May the sanctity of the Sukhothai Traimit Golden Buddha bless you with good luck and fulfil your wishes.


When you are feeling overwhelmed or tired, you should take a break or go on holiday to refresh yourself.  It will recharge your energy.

When you visit other countries you can see how other people live their life.  You will appreciate of what you have got – you will see others who have much less than you and they are happy.

Happiness is not a measurement of what we have outside of us, it is what inside of us which are most important!

I am not going to write much today for my mind is not working well – it is still in holiday mood.  Before I go, I will give you a photo I took in Bangkok, Thailand.


McDonald Thailand

Signing off


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