Future of Our Children

Have you ever worried about the future of your children?  You wondered – would they be able to find a good job?  Would they be able to survive in this world by themselves?  Some of us make plans for the future of our children.  They want to pave the road for them.

In Asian society, many people love their children so much that they sacrifice their life for their children.  Is it a correct attitude towards life?  Do they really need to do that?

Before we discuss about these questions, let me tell you an interesting story of how someone went to great length to “pave the way” for his son.

A thousand years ago in China……….

Mr. Fu was an official working for the king.  His job was to manage all the food storage warehouses for the king.  These warehouses were located all over China, so they could store all local products for the consumption of everyone in the king’s palace.

Mr. Fu has a son Choi; he was an obedient boy.  He wasn’t particularly clever but he was hard working.  Mr. Fu’s wife died when Choi was still a small boy.  His son was the only one he loved in this world.  So he wanted him to have a bright future, a good life.

His plan was his son could becomes a very rich merchant and he would have money and the freedom to do whatever he wants.  He didn’t want him to be an official like him.  When you are the king’s servant, you have no freedom.  You have to report to the king whenever you are summoned.  You are a slave.  Although the wages are good, but you have no freedom to do what you want.

In order to gather the money and give to his son, he became a very corrupted person.  He would do all sorts of deals and he stole from the king.  He didn’t spent a cent, he hide all the money inside his house.  People would see him as a very nice man, not many people know about his corruption.

His image to his son was he is a very nice person.  A decent upstanding official who help people.  Someone who lives a frugal life.

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He was afraid that even giving his son all these money would not be able to make him a rich merchant.  He might spend all of it and ruin his own life.  He needs to find someone to help his son when he passed away.

To do that he took in an orphan girl called Chin and planned to have Choi marry her.  The reason he chose this girl was he knew that she was a very clever girl.  Her cleverness would be able to help his son make more money and become the richest man in the country.  She would be a good companion and she could guild him in his business deals, also she was very beautiful.

In order to prepare Chin.  He gave her good education and hired good teachers to teach her.   He also taught her himself.  He taught her about human behaviors, human desires and so she would understand ‘why people do what they do’.   Also all the tricks and methods behind all sorts of deals and trades.  She became so good that she could almost read other people’s mind.

Mr. Fu still afraid his son might not be successful with such a clever wife.  He prepared another weapon for his son, just in case if he needs it.  He has a very loyal servant, his name was Pok, he was also an orphan.  Mr. Fu adopted him and made him his right-hand man.

Pok was willing to do anything for Mr. Fu, if Mr. Fu asks him to kill someone, he would not hesitate.  Mr. Fu asked Pok to look after his son and tell him to get rids of any obstacles his son might have in the future. Beside this, Pok has connections with the gangsters, these people would do anything for money.

His plan was infallible – how could Choi fail when he has such a clever wife and also a loyal servant who would do anything for him?  Would he?

future of our children

When Choi was twenty year old, Mr. Fu wanted to carry out his plan and give all the money to his son.  There was so much money that his son would be able to buy the whole village.

“How do I give the money to my son?” he asked himself.  He cannot tell his son that all this money was from his corruption.  “Son, I have all this illegal money. I want you to have it.”

He told his son to go sightseeing and have a holiday.  “You need to go and see the world, get some experience.  Go some places you have never been before.”

Choi went on a sightseeing trip around the country.  Mr. Fu made the ultimate sacrifice for his son, he committed suicide.  When his son receive his money, he doesn’t have to face him.

Choi came home three months later and found that his father has died.  They told him his father was ill after he left and he passed away.  After the funeral, Pok show him the money and told him that his father had left him all this money.

 What happen next? 

If you are Choi, what would you do?Cookware sets

When Choi saw the money, he was shocked.  He couldn’t believe his frugal father could save up all this money.  It didn’t add up, his father couldn’t have all this money even if he didn’t spend a cent of his income.

His servant couldn’t tell him that this money was corruption money.  Choi went to investigate how his father got the money.  He found the truth after some time and he was so disgusted about his father’s deed.

There was a famine in Chinese at the time and Choi decided to give the money back to the king and use the money to buy food for the poor.  His honesty appealed to the king and the king gave him a job.  He became the servant of the king, which totally against the will of his father.

Choi gave some money to his father’s loyal servant Pok and told him, “You don’t have to follow me anymore, I don’t need you.  With this much money, you will not need to work for the rest of your life.  Go and get a life of your own.”

“I don’t want to marry you,” Choi told his bride to be Chin.  “My father chose you, but I didn’t.  I don’t love you.  You can marry anyone you like.  With your cleverness, you will be successful whatever you do.”

Mr. Fu’s infallible plan has failed.  He couldn’t envisioned his son would be such a nice and honest person.  Who would refuse such a fortune?

My readers, I tell you what is the best way to prepare for the future of our children.  I am going to show you a video.  It was shown to me by one of my friend at Wealthy Affiliate.

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We don’t need to plan for the future of our children.  It is their life and they should be the one who choose what they want to do.

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Jerry · October 2, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Good post. It’s a very interesting story. Our children is growing up in a different world. They are influenced by what happens in the society. We can’t plan the future for them. But we can eductated them academically and morally so they will grow up as decent and loving people.

    admin · October 2, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Jerry
    Yes, you are right. We can only teach them the right thing and they will decide what they want to do.

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