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What does family life mean to you?  How important is your family?

Recently, one of my colleagues is complaining that he has to work on the weekend, otherwise he cannot finish his work.  His wife complaint – why do you have to take home your work?

He doesn’t know what to do and he afraid he might lose his job if he didn’t do that.  Or at least, the boss will not be happy about it if he could not hand in the reports.

Family Fun Time

Family Fun Time

How do we juggle work and family life?

Our daily life consists of different parts.  We all know that we need some sleep every night.  What should we do for the rest of the time when we are awake?

Work is a must for us.  We go to work and make money so we can use the money to support our lifestyle and our family.  Even if you don’t have a job, you still need to work.  The work you do is the exercise that your mind and body need, without the exercise you will be dead very quickly.

But we should not let work consume all our time.  There are other worthwhile activities that we can make use of the time we have.

Family is one of them.  Our family is not a burden to us.  Instead, our family is a blessing.  When we have happy occasions and sad occasions, we have someone to share with.  Research shows that people who live by themselves die earlier than those who have a family – they have a much healthier lifestyle.

There are things that we look forward to every day.   I love children and I enjoy playing with them.  I feel happy seeing their happy faces.  Children are our happiness.

If you let your work takes away the time you have with you family, you lose more than you gain.  You might suddenly find that your children grew up to be a stranger – you knew nothing about them.  The valuable time you spend with them cannot be replaced by money.

These are true stories-

A father said, “the only time that I see my son is when he needs money.”

“I only see my child a few minutes a day,” said a working mother.  “I am too busy with work. I have to work on the weekends most of the time.”

There are facts that you need to know about work.

Our world is turning into a horrible place.  The companies and corporations we work for are like monsters.  All they want is money and they don’t care about their employees.

What is an employee?  In the view of the company.

  • an employee is just a tool for them to make money.
  • a resources that they can use.  So they call us human resources.
  • You are just a number to their account – your employee number.

So this money making monsters want to squeeze as much as possible out of you.

  • They make you work without giving you overtime pay – if you are willing to let them.
  • They will hire as few staffs as possible.  One person will do two or three jobs.
  • They will pay you as little as possible.  Don’t even try asking for a pay rise.
  • If they don’t have enough profit, they will get rid of some staffs without thinking that you have a family to support.


This is getting worse as I could see.  Many companies are practising these policies and they do not treat us as human.

Why are they able to do this?

It is because someone like my colleague who can put up with it – work without being paid.  We need to stick to the working hours as stated in the employment contract.  Do not work any more hours that is required. Do you let them abuse you?

If we all do it this way, they will have no choice but to hire more people.  Even though it means that they have to lower their profit margin.

I know many people do not agree with my view, but I can tell you that they are the one who got it wrong.  We are not born to be slaves – so don’t let other people or company treat you as a slave.  Say NO to people who want to abuse their power.  Do this for yourselves and for your children.

You need to understand that they cannot fire you if you don’t agree to work beyond normal working hours without pay.


Once you put your work in proper perspective, you can have a healthier family life.  Forget about work when you are home – they don’t pay you the time you are thinking about work.  You family is the main reason that you need to have a job and work.

You could make use of the time to have an interesting hobby.  Maybe learn a new skill or grow a vegetable garden.

I like to have your feedback to this subject.  I know there are many people who are very stressful at work and I can give you suggestions on how to relief the stress.  So please leave me a comment.  Tell me what is your opinion – what does work means to you?

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