Do you want to be a Truth Seeker?

What is a Truth Seeker?

A Truth Seeker is someone who is willing to spend time finding out the truth.  His interest could be philosophy, sociology, nature, science or whatever it may be.  A truth seeker is similar to a scientist, but there is a slight difference.  A truth seeker will not hold on to any belief or knowledge if he cannot verify the knowledge is genuine and true.  He will not believe anything that he has doubt on the validity of his own expertise, but it also includes every aspect of his life including religion.  He will not say something is correct or incorrect when has no proof.

Hence, a truth seeker will not believe in any religion base on faith unless he surely knows that God exists.  (My website does not discuss religion so I will not go into further details or discuss whether God exists.)  A truth seeker is a logical being and one who listen to reasons and logics.  There are only three possibilities in his views, true, untrue or unknown; there is no such thing as he believed something is true or he believed something is not true – no assumptions.


Why do we want to be a truth seeker?

Here are several reasons that you want to be a truth seeker.

  • you want to understand this world and its people.
  • you want to be a wise person.
  • you want to make the world a better place.
  • you want to be an interesting person who processes great knowledge.
  • you want to have love, kindness and compassion.

The benefits I listed above are self-explain.  When you love truth, you will start to learn all that is true in this world and everything that is to know.  You will start to understand this world, it’s people and their actions.  You will know why we do what we do.  This understanding will be genuine because you will not presume any facts and untrue information.  You will start to understand what life is all about – the purpose of life.  You will learn to have true love and compassion when you understand how to live your life with purpose.


You will understand how insignificant and how tiny human are with reference to our universe.  If the universe is the size of a room, then the earth is a tiny speck of dust which cannot be seen with our eyes.

With the knowledge you gain, you might even be able to predict the future.  Knowledge brings about understanding.  I will give you a simple example – when someone smoke, they will damage their lungs.  When you have more and more knowledge, you will be able to predict something more complicated.  You can use the knowledge to make money if you want to, e.g. if you can predict when the share market will go up or down.

You will have a more interesting life.  The more you know, the more you will find there are lots of interesting things in this world.

 The attribute of a Truth Seeker

Love of knowledge – the first requisite of a truth seeker is to have the love for knowledge.  It has to be a genuine love of knowledge, for it takes hard work and it also takes time to learn.

Patience – you need to be patient if you want to learn.  When someone is telling you something, you need to have the patience to let them finish what they are saying.  You need to have the patience to finish reading a book if you want to study – not just the first chapter.  (I knew a guy who always buy new books, but he only read the first chapter or only the first few pages of any book.  It was no surprise that I found he knew a bit of everything, but his knowledge has no value because there is no depth.  For example, we all know on the surface how combustion works in a car, but can we use this simple knowledge in anyway?  Well, we cannot fix a car or to design a new car with this simple fact.  Real knowledge needs depth.)


Non-judging – people who are quick to judge cannot learn new things.  When someone is telling you something, you cannot judge immediately if what he is saying is true of untrue immediately.  The reason is that it might have taken him years to learn what he knew, how would you possibly know immediately if he is right or wrong.  This is also why children can learn faster and better, because they can receive knowledge without judging.  So information can enter their brain without resistance.  Many adults will judge the information while they are listening at the same time, so they might not get half of the things that the other person is saying.  They might reject the knowledge if they believe if the information they heard is not true.  It is not because the information is not true; only they think it is not true.  They are too quick to judge and have not spend time to think about what they have heard properly, so they don’t learn.

In order to learn we need to receive the information first without judging it, spend time to think over it, then we can decide if what we have been told is true or not.

A good listener – a truth seeker is a good listener and not a talker.  You learned when you listen.  Do not interrupt others while they are talking and you might learn something very useful for your own good.  I have seen many people pretend to listen, what they were doing is waiting for the other person to finish for their turn to speak.  Such people are often ignorant and stupid.

Humble – do not pretend you know.  A humble person receive knowledge much easier.  Have a “teach me” attitude.

A thinker – after you received any information, you need to spend time to think over it and to verify it.  Then it will become your own knowledge.  You can also discover new knowledge when you spend time thinking.  New idea and new invention are always the products of thinkers.  Steve Hawkins and Albert Einstein are great thinkers.  Use your brain, it is the world most powerful computer.

Be a happy truth seeker.

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