Coexistence Of Good and Evil

Do you believe the coexistence of good and evil is inevitable?  Some people do.  We all know that everything is relative.  If you draw a line on a piece of paper.  On one end of the line you write down “Good”, and on the other end of the line, you write down “Evil”.  Most people will agree that we all fall in between good and evil.  Some people will be better, and some will be more

If you are totally good then you are an angel, if you are totally evil then you are Satan.  It is very interesting to me that Satan was once an angel- it might not be true.  How did that happen?  If an angel could turn bad, what chance do we have?  Let us discuss this some other time, let’s go back to our original topic.

Can we have a world with only good people?  What do you think?

Visions of Heaven

I believe it is possible.  If you believe there is heaven, then your answer would be the same.  In heaven, they would only have good people.  That’s why we all want to go to heaven and most of us believed we are good.

Just assume that if we are all sheep.  How would we live together?  We wouldn’t be killing or hurting each other, for sheep don’t have aggressive behaviors.  So that mean if we need to live together peacefully, we need to somehow modify our behavior.

There are several ways to achieve this:

  1. We could modify our genes so that we can get rid of the genes which give us this aggressive behavior.
  2. We can send the criminals to the outer-space.  Like England used to send their criminals to Australia.
  3. We can educate our children properly, so our next generations would not have that kind of behavior.
  4. We can build a device which detects this kind of behavior and will activate a specific function.  This function could be to give the person a zap or inject some chemicals to stop the person performing a violent act.


Girls clothing

I can see that my suggestions are somewhat childish.  Do don’t think it can be done?  Do you think we can modify our bad behaviors?

If you just compare America and Japan.  Japan is one of the countries which has a very low crime rate and America has a higher crime rate.  What is the reason behind it?

I believe it is because of two major factors.  The first one is education, and the second one is cultural.


In Japan, they have moral educations.  Where the children will learn about how to conform to the society, what is right and what is wrong.  Which includes:

  • good manner – to respect elderly people
  • kindness – helping others in need
  • generosity
  • honesty
  • justice

Here are just some of the virtues that they teach and there are many more.  When their children have learned all these good virtues, they will have a more peaceful society and of course, the crime rate will be low.

I have a first-hand experience of how generous Japanese people are.  My son and I were lost in Osaka and we wanted to go the Umeda Sky Building – the tallest building in Osaka.  I used my limited Japanese and ask a man who just happened to pass us.  I asked him where is the tallest building in Osaka.  He spent a minute trying to understand my question.

His action afterward was a total surprise to me.  He didn’t just tell us how to get there.  He spent half an hours and took us all the way to the top of the building.  Where we can have a good look at the city.  It is how kind some of the Japanese people are.  I know of course there are lots of nice people in America as well.  I would feel safe walking in downtown Tokyo at midnight, but I wouldn’t do that in New York.


Japan and America have a very different culture.  For the Japanese, they put group value higher than individual value.  For example, if the company they work for have financial trouble.  They would agree to a salary reduction and help the company to pass the difficult time.  Also, they will not leave the company because of it.  In America, people would probably go and find another job as soon as possible.

In America, people worship individualism,  the achievement of the individual is more important than the group.  They say that “There is no room for second place.”  The mentality is – success is everything.  If you are not a winner, you are a loser – no in between.

In this kind of culture, people will take whatever it takes to reach the top.  Even some of them have done some very bad things, but winners do no wrong.  The worst part is, a lot of people will follow these winners – they even worship them.  What kind of world will it turn into if everyone follow this path.

A bunch of sheep will do no harm to each other when you put a few tigers and lions together – I cannot imagine what will happen.


The coexistence of good and evil is not inevitable.  Good can exist alone.  What we need to do is change the way we do things, change our value system.  Teach and practice those good virtues that we once knew.  Then paradise can be built on earth.  (Please refer to my other article – What is Paradise?)

My dear brothers and sisters.  Is there something we can do?  Do you have any suggestions?

Signing off



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