Behind The News Of The World

I watch the 7 pm news on TV every day and I can see there are so much happening around the world.  Some of the news we can get on TV, but some could only be found on the internet.  Some of the good sources are websites, Youtube, Facebook, etc.  How much do you know about the current geopolitical situations?  Do you understand what is behind the news of the world?

It is rather interesting to learn and understand why certain events happened.  If you can get to know what is going on, you can get ready for what is coming.  For example, if you know when the share market is going to crash, then you can protect your own investment by withdrawing from the market early.  Knowledge is power.

knowledge is power


I want to ask you a few questions, see if you know the answers.

  1. Do you know the root cause of Israeli and Palestinian conflict?
  2. Who owns and control the Federal Reserve of America?
  3. Why America always meddle in the Middle East affairs?
  4. Is genetically modified food good for our health?
  5. Who are the BRICS countries and why is it formed?
  6. Why the USA don’t like Russia?
  7. September 11, some said the twin towers were destroyed by controlled explosion.  Do you think it is true?
  8. What was the reason behind why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated?
  9. Why America go to war with Iraq when there was no evident for weapons of mass destruction?
  10. Some said the Holocaust, a genocide of Jew in Germany prisoner-of-war camps never happened. Do you think it is true?
  11. Some people are predicting the collapse of the US dollars within 2~3 years.  Do you know about it?
  12. Do you think the Chinese Yuan will become the number 1 world reserve currency in the near future?
  13. What is the reason why ISIS (Islamic State) was formed?
  14. What is the Independent Day in America?
  15. Have you heard of the New World Order?
  16. What was the reason behind World War II?
  17. Recently, the price of petrol collapsed to all time low. Do you know why?
  18. Why does China build artificial islands on the South China Sea?
  19. Why North Korea hate America?
  20. What caused the refugee crisis in Europe?

As you can see, there are so many things happened and happening in our world.  It is such a terrible place, hundred of people die of hunger or killed in war every single day.  Why can’t we live in peace and harmony?

If you research on all the questions above, you will understand what is happening in our world and why.  I can tell you it was upsetting for me after I learned the secrets behind it all. But to live a life of ignorance is not a choice for me.  I have a strong desire to know everything there is to know – about our world and about ourselves.  Also to know what is the meaning of life and what does it mean to be alive.

They say “history repeat itself.”  When we know about the past and we can tell the future and be prepared.  With knowledge, we will be able to gain wisdom.

On the other hand, I can see our human race are advancing.  It is evolution and day after day, we are becoming more and more knowledgeable reasonable and kind.

Before I ended this post. I would like to show you a lovely video.  It does show that we do have love in our world and it is…..I have no words to describe it.

I wish you have a good day.  Let us use our love to make this world a better place.

Signing off



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