7 Keys to Good Relationship

There are some rules that you need to know in order to build a good relationship.  The relationship could be boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or mother and son.  No matter what the relationship is; the rules will still be the same.  These keys I am giving you will help you unlock the treasure chest to improve your relationship with the one you love.

We don’t live alone on an island.  Each day, we have contact with other people and we have families.  Understand how to keep a good relationship with others will help you maintain the harmony in life.  A good relationship will lead to a happier and healthier life and possibly a more success career.

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Love is the first key.  If you don’t have real love for the person, a relationship cannot be kept.  It will only be a fake relationship if there is no love.  You don’t have to say “I love you”, they can tell.

Some ladies want their men to tell them “I love you” every day, they are just insecure.  Women who have confident don’t need this.  Nevertheless, saying it once in a while is okay.


You have to give others freedom.  The freedom to make the choice they want.  For example, you don’t own the person you marriage to.  You are the husband doesn’t mean you own your wife; you two are separate entities.  She can choose to leave you anytime.

Especially in western countries, a marriage is just a contract.  It is not a life contract, it only means that you choose to stay when you want to.  You can leave anytime if you are not happy with the marriage.   If you really love someone – give them the choice to leave if they are unhappy.

The choice of a parent to give their children what they want for their own future.  You should not choose a path for them.


Trust them.  They will appreciate your trust.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. – George MacDonald.

Trust relates to respect, when you trust someone, you respect them.  For example, if you trust your children to do the right thing and they will grow up quickly.  They will repay your trust with respect and love.  Your relationship with them will improve.


It is very important to have honesty.  You are ruining your relationship without honesty.  A husband cheating on his wife will lead to the destruction of their marriage.  If you really care about your relationship, be honest.

Same as if you have a friendship with someone.  Honesty will bring the relationship closer and better.  With honesty, you let the other person understand you more – the more they know about you, the better will be the relationship.

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Most people will know that communication is the key to a better relationship.  How does the other person understand you if you don’t tell them anything?  Open communication – tell them what you really think, no lies.

Tell them what you like, what you don’t like.  Tell them your desire, your plan for the future, your goals and so on.

Communication also means listening to the other person, it is not a one-way street.  Listen with patience and listen carefully what they are saying.   We all love to talk than to listen.  When you listen, you learn more.

 “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey


When you understand someone, you can relate to them, you know what they are thinking and what they are telling you.  Understanding also means you accept the person for who they are without judging – that is true understanding.

It takes a lot of knowledge to understand someone and also understand new ideas.  You also need compassion and thoughtfulness.  You need to keep learning and improving yourself.  A good way to improve is to read more books, and asking questions.

I found that you can also learn a lot by watching movies, but make sure you spend time thinking after each movie.  You cannot learn anything good without digesting what the movie is really telling you.  So having a brain is important.  Some never use their brain; don’t be one of them.  The more you use your brain, the smarter you will become.

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Be a friend.  Even if you are husband and wife, you could still be friends.  Don’t take anyone for granted.  It is a sure way to ruin a good relationship.

Chinese people suggested if you can treat your husband/wife as your guest, you will always have a good relationship.  This advice is very good indeed.  I don’t understand why a lot of us don’t understand it.  Maybe we are too selfish.  Maybe we are too rude.

Friendship also means you can have the same hobby or activity that you both enjoy.  You will have more fun together.

I hope you enjoy this article.  Before you go, I wish you all the best with your relationship with the one you love.

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